Playing Xbox & Xbox 360 games on Xbox One through a Streaming Service

Microsoft has plans to get a streaming service to play all Xbox & Xbox 360 games with free of charge, Sony is doing the exact same thing with their PS4 (stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on the PS4), how would this benefit Microsoft (and Sony)?

BTW this is a digital thing, so no using discs.


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No benefit at all....Only maybe for people who like to play (at least,with streaming,trying to play) vintage games and pay (again) to replay/play old games.....

Better to keep previous gen consoles & games....

I hope Microsoft will put ressources on other things than this.

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I really appreciate the fact that Microsoft is going to provide us the ability to play Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games for free via steam, but...

Microsoft should only do this if it will not negatively affect their ability to maintain the Xbox One console and Xbox Live.

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He said stream, not steam.

Happen to have a source for this OP? I wouldn't be that surprised to see a streaming service, but I highly doubt it would be free.  

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I made a typo, oopsy LOL  :)

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Ahh, the way it was worded I thought you were more likely talking about Steam.

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Sorry for the confusion.

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OP.. may I ask what are you talking about?

 Are you referring to the stream your games to your PC that was announced a few months back?

If that is the case, I think you understand what it does extremely wrong. All you are doing is streaming the content from your XB1 to another display device (PC, Tablet, Phone) that is connected to the same network...

Last I heard, Sony's streaming service for older P1, 2 and 3 games being playable via the PS4, was a paid service. Which I think is called Playstation Now.

All that aside. If they (current gen) is going to do BC then do it directly from the P4/X1 console itself without having to stream anything.

Yeah ps4 service is  not free its a rent by title or i think a sub ,if ms goes with free which i doubt i believe they will follow sony with the rent or sub paywall..but if they that be cool..miss playing old games like bully scholarship,borderlands 1 it be nice to play those .so we will see if they infact have something planned