Playing Xbox 360E on a PC Monitor while using headphones, is this possible?

Hello, everyone. New Xbox owner here. ;-)

Here's my problem. I've discovered that I can't really play my Xbox 360 on my standard definition television. My old games from two generations ago look alright, but Xbox 360 games are unplayable. Yeah, I could just go get an HDTV for 100+ dollars. But I pretty much exhausted my budget with the xbox itself.

Here's the solution I'm considering:

Using an HDMI to DVI cable, I'll use my PC monitor to display the xbox's video output.

For audio, I'll plug my stereo headphones in the Xbox's 3.5mm analog port.

Would this combination work, though? Can headphones be used with the analog port while the xbox displays through HDMI?


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You'd need a headphone amp or a pair of computer speakers with a headphone output between the AV output and the headphones. Connecting them straight to a line level output like the AV output on the Xbox 360 would not only lose the ability to control volume and be extremely loud, but could kill the headphones.


I'm a bit unsure of how they've set up the AV output though. Given that it's a four-pole type to also output composite video, it might not be wired to be used for audio only (though it should be).