Playing one game on 2 xbox ones

I noticed through family sharing you can purchase one game and play on two consoles at the same time.  

Does this only work through digital download?  

Or can I set one console as the home device, download the physical disc to both consoles and play on both like that as long as the disc is in the 'home' console?


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"Family Sharing" no longer exists - "Home Gold" does. With a phsyical disc, you can only play the game in whichever console you installed the game on and only with the disc. With digital, you can install and play your game on any console as long as your profile is used to play it (kind of like if you had taken the disc from one console and put it into another). Since you can't have 1 profile signed in on 2 separate Xbox One consoles at the same time, you can't play the same game on both consoles at the same time, even though the game is digital, either. ;)

However, Home Gold allows you to choose a single console as your "home console" hence the name Home Gold. Any Xbox Live Gold profile on the Home console extends its Gold benefits to other profiles on that console even if they're not Gold subscribers themselves (this means they will be able to play games online, etc.). Those profiles on your home console can play your games even if you're not signed in since it's your designated home console. However, this isn't true for other consoles - if you download and install your games and profile on another console that isn't your designated home console, no other profile can access your games unless you are also signed in at the same time. Because of this, some people who have access to 2 consoles can take advantage of this.

For example, a father buys a console for himself and another for his son. Rather than designate his console as the home console, he designates his son's console as the home console. This way his son can play a game that the father buys even though the dad isn't signed in. The dad, on his own console (the non-home console) can still play his own games at the same time since he's the original purchaser and owner of the content and is signed in. This way, the dad can play his game with his son on his son's console (split-screen local) or play the same game with his son on both Xbox consoles at the same time via LAN play or online play through Xbox Live. With digital games and at least 2 consoles, you're effectively getting a BOGO or "buy one get one" free deal. ;)

So if I have my console in the living room and her console in the office what is the best way to do this?

Make her console the 'home' console?  Buy games digitally through her console...and I will still have access to it when I sign into my console (the non-home console)?

Thanks GG!

After reading Daveyboy's link I'm pretty sure setting her console as the home console is the way to go.  

I am going to be much more willing to purchase games I wouldn't have otherwise.  This might actually turn me away from purchasing hard discs for a few games.

you set her console as your your home console, and set your console as her home console and then what every you buy on your console will automatically download onto her console and you can both play at the same time.

There are ways to buy the digital downloads cheaper than the the UK MS prices as well. (so your only paying £35 per game for multiple consoles)

one note is if your buying games like wolfenstien, you can't sell the DD, games like that I recommend you rent or buy the disk. But thats just my opinion

I don't think DaveyBoy's right about the game you purchase automatically downloading to her console - I'm pretty sure you'd still have to manually install the game onto both consoles. ;)

If you set you consoles up the way it says above (and in the link) it will automatically download, I am 100% sure, its your home console so why wouldn't it.

I have it setup with my son, if I didn't have I wouldn't have commented.

Have two consoles in my place (Only one being mine) but never really gave it much thought doing this. Guess ill give it a shot.

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