Playing games on laptop

Ok sorry guys this has probably been answered a million times by now , this is my 1st time using the laptop since installing windows 10 and I've just tried to play the Xbox on the laptop but when I clicked on games there is no games there ?

Sorry if dumb question but any help to play games on the laptop would be greatly appreciated :)


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if your wanting to play games on the pc (pc games) click the controller button at the top of the xbox app on the right, if you wanting to stream your xbox through windows 10 to play you have to hit the xbox icon second bottom of the menu and click stream at the top.

Your controller needs to be connected by usb, and if you want to use the xbox headset you have to go to the control panel and asign the headset for speakers and mic for the mic.

Its Xbox one games I want to play mate I don't see Xbox icon or anything?

have you opened the xbox app? you should have a menu down the right, the bottom one is settings the one above is a little xbox, click that (if you mouse over it, it says connect) open that up will show you a list of xbox's turn on over your next, cick your xbox

Never mind found it cheers for the help Davey :)

np, although theory has it inside the app put max setting for a smooth stream apparently its lower settings arn't the same as lower = smoother like a graphics card

Just tried Trials and its laggy as hell !! :(

I did a VOG in destiny and was sword bearer in Crota in destiny and was fine but you could feel a delay but I wasn't on max settings.

It will depend on your PC though