Playing Digital Copies (& Accessing DLC) Offline On XBox One?

I've done a few searches and read the Microsoft Press Releases/FAQs, however they are all worded very cryptically and I'm still a little unsure as to the following... . I want to go totally digital with my XBox One, and because I work away alot I am only online maybe 60% of the time. With the XBox 360 this would cause huge issues with any single player games I took with me that had an element of DLC. Forza was a prime candidate unfortunately, as because I had a DLC car in my garage and didn't have an internet connection for it to verify, I just got the message 'Game not available due to DLC' and could not access my game. The only option I had was to start a new game/career, which is a non starter for someone who's ploughed hours into it! . The back track on 'Always Online' is an obvious god send for someone in my position, but having been bitten in the past, I'm still not convinced that we'll get the full, or even basic, functionality unless we actually are online. If 360 had these silly restrictions, then the One, which was built with restrictions from the off, may be even worse? . If I own a physical disc, I understand that I can play my games offline, "Just like on the 360". But if I've downloaded a digital copy of my game, and then want to play it without an internet connection (in the middle of a foreign airbase), I've just got this horrible sinking feeling that Ill power the thing up and it say "Cannot verify licence, game(s) not available until you go online". If they were so bothered about verifying a 50p DLC song for Rock Band with an internet connection, I can see them going all out to restrict a full price game! . Suppose I'm just nervous having been stung before and stuck for months in a desert without my primary entertainment system.!? . Does anyone know what Microsoft's plans are regarding this? Are we going to be totally free to play offline even if we only own digital copies of our games? Will we have full access to our DLC when offline? Do you even need to buy a physical disc copy to play offline anyway? . These are some of the questions we should have answers to by now, but there is nothing official I can find... Anyone else know, or can find the answers to these questions?

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Leon Gater, if you are having any problems while trying to use any Content Offline that is an issue with the License that is assigned to that Content. You need to correct that from your end. You have two License that verify ownership.

One is your Sign In from Xbox LIVE with the Profile that purchased the Content. The second is the Console ID that the Content was purchased on originally. The Console ID will "vouch" or Certify for any License Offline or Online and on any Profile. The Profile License can only certify the License from an Online Connection.

If you need to correct this, you need to use the License Transfer Tools. All of this is of course for the Xbox 360 but I really don't see the License working much different to the Xbox One.

Hmmm... That's something I didn't know, and I do have two Xbox 360's, one that is buried in my cabinet at home online, and one that I take around the world with me offline incase it gets destroyed in transit. I tend to just swap the hard drives over so that I've got all my content with me.


This will also explain why I could not access my shamefully extensive Rock Band library round at my friend's house despite logging in as myself offline using my own Hard Drive (He lives in the hills and has no broadband connection).

Appears I am misinformed and need to read up more on the subject, thank you for your reply LostKaus!

Yep, that would be the reason why. No problem and good luck. License Transfer are pretty easy. Just make sure you Download again the Content being on the current HDD or not. It assigns the new License and only takes seconds per Item if the Content is already present on the HDD.

It just kinda sucks when you have hundreds of individual pieces of Content and your DL History reads more like an Encyclopedia then a Games/ DLC History.