Playing Blu-ray? Frame Rate issues? Ghosting?

Just wondering if anyone had played a blu-ray movie yet. I decided to pop Red 2 in to the Xbox One and noticed that there was a slight stutter and ghosting at certain points. It may have been because I was using a check disk (review copy) but I was wondering if anyone else had noticed anything with finsihed retail copies.

I'll try again tonight with another film :)


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I haven't seen any blu-rays played yet.

But when I was using my friends console the other day I noticed there was a setting for 24fps in the consoles Blu-ray settings.

Most blu-rays use 24fps so try changing that setting to see if it helps with the stutter.

Thanks I'll take a peek at settings shortly. I know I changed all the image settings for my screen but not sure I did that one :)

I can't remember exactly which menu I saw that setting but it is definitely there. I don't yet have a xb1 myself unfortunately so can't check for you.

But I get stutter on my ps3 if I don't use 24fps so i'm assuming it's the same with xb1