I got a message from a trusted friend who created a profile for me on When I go to their website to "claim" my profile, I need to provide them my XBL email and password. They have some disclaimer that they will destroy this info after they use it to verify that I am actually the gamer for which the profile was created, but I have no intention to give that info to anyone no matter what claims they make.  Has anyone else used this service? Not even sure why I would need it.


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Well I can most certainly assert this site as safe. In regards to it being a website for gamers. sort of :/ It claims to be a social network, yet most of the time you will be meet with hate and trolls. As far as it gaining access to your XBL account. Well I wouldn't trust anyone but MS with my login details. that is how it is setup. And as this cheap Playfire site is setup and with it claiming to be safe and a part of the development channel. Which I do not deny they are! BUT that is not an excuse to make things ok and to spam Xbox's user base with messages. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!. Put a stop to this. They did this before. and they laughed. and now do it again! Microsoft security team, go to work please!

Oh!  Here's another thread about it.  Maybe it'll help you.

I had a good friend send me an invite too but I never got into it, since it looked like Bookface but for gamers.  I really don't care for that kind of thing, so I declined the invite.  And reading that they want my WLID and password, that'd stop me there.