Players pretending to be microsoft employee's resulting in youtube harrassment and damage to property.

Hello so I have what I consider to be a serious problem and I hope that not just does the community see this but ACTUALL microsoft employee's as this is by far unacceptable behavior.  

     So here's the story.. I have several friends in real life on xbox live, they invite me to a party, and they inform me of something outrageous.. So my friend who is like a brother to me tells me his little brothers friend just got the worst, lowest of low, trolling possible.. the child I am referring to is 10 yrs old..  So anyway this guy apparently joins his party and tells the poor kid that he is an xbox live employee, and that the kid is using an illegal copy of halo 4, and that his copy is also damaging his xbox.. He tells him he will need to speak with an adult for the kid to avoid the risk of permanent console ban.  The boy gets his mother on.. he informs her that he is microsoft employee and that if they continue using that copy of halo 4 that her son will never be allowed to play on xbox live again.  She has never played xbox before and really has no idea whats going on, especially because myself as well as a few friends took her son to the release of halo 4 and waited till late at night to get our copies... The troll tells her that everything will be alright as long as they break the copy of halo 4 for him to see and that he will compensate them a gift code to purchase a new copy on the xbox live marketplace.. Now I realize not many normal xbox live players would fall for this but let me adress this, the kid hasn't even had xbox live 3 months yet, has never encountered a troll before, and his mother knows less about xbox than he does... So he tells his mother to hold the disc  up to the kinect and then to break it so that he can see its no longer usable.. So she does :(  

   This kid then tells her he is not a microsoft employee and begins insulting her telling her how stupid she is and that he recorded the entire thing and put it on youtube, she then contacts my freind I mentioned earlier and he contacts me, thats where I come in.

   The boys mother tells us everything that happened, lets us know she has not only contacted the police but, contacted xbox live as well and apparently she was told they could not do anything about it because she did not know the players gamertag.. well we helped her poke around and found it.. His gamertag is DaaWarrior,  So my friend and I invite him to our party for a little chat.. he gets on and claims he knows nothing about it, then saposedly his mother gets on.. she speaks to us calmly and sincerely, apologizing for her sons behavior and states that she would like for his mother to join the party so she can have her son apologize for what he did and she could possibly replace the broken disc.  Now my friend and I are both over the age of 20 and are not easily fooled but she sounded very sincere and upset with her son, so we told her to wait a minute while we got the boy's mother.  

   His mother gets on, and the lady who was saposedly the trolls mother completely changes charecter.... She starts insulting the boys mom telling her how stupid she is and that she is inbred and starts going on about how she is sooo poor and cannot afford another copy, WE WERE OUTRAGED! This was unacceptable the poor lady had already been harassed and now is getting it again, because we fell for the kids games thinking it was really his mother.... He then tells us how great this is and that he has everything, including what was happening now, all on youtube.

   So we kick him from the party and he begins spamming me invites, spamming friend requests, and another profile jumps in as well and starts spamming me The Ghost Wolfe.  I get messages from this second profile stating that he is an xbox live moderator and is here to adress the issue. Then the original troll sends me messages stating "why did you sick an xbox live moderator on me" So in other words this kid after having someone pretend to be his mother, is now having someone pretend to be a microsoft moderator out to get him because of us... I get another message from the second troll telling me if I dont respond he will ban me... Obviously I know better.

   So I go online to try to find the youtube video to bring here as further evidence but I could not find it, it may not be up yet.... If I find it I will be sure to provide that as ONLY to an actually microsoft moderator as I dont want anyone else harrassing the poor boy and his mother any further!   I thought I might add that in my search to find the youtube video I came across ALOT of other videos of players on xbox live, pretending to be microsoft agents, and harrassing children and more specifically their parents.. All  you have to do to find these is google "kids parents harassed on xbox live" you will literally find hundreds of cases just like this that I personally believe in every event the troll deserve a perma ban!

The trolls names were:


The Ghost Wolfe

I also saved the messages that I recieved from them all though although they do not contain everything I have mentioned. THIS MUST be dealt with! I expect xbox live to take action against the troll's and to further investigate the videos I mentioned!  The mother has already contacted the police witch I'm sure did her no good but, I know she as well as ALL of my friends and I will continue contacting whoever possible untill this ludacris situation is dealt with in a matter that satisfies the victims here!



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Reporting on the forum is a waste of time as no-one from the Enforcement Team will see it.


Just file a complaint through your console, set them to avoided, and block communications with the accounts in question.

Don´t name Gamertags here no matter what.

It´s you problem, you stepped in.

Learn the rules of Xbox Live.

YES it is not allow to pretend to be a Microsoft employee.

BUT Xbox Live Team Members do NEVER contact you over Xbox Live, they will write you officially e mails or call you.

It is the kids and mothers problem when they do those things.

They also would NEVER ask you to break the disc.

If they want, they ask you to send it in but thats about it.

How can you be so foolish to do all that?

Those people are everywhere in the internet who pretend to be someone else.

Kids parents should know better and take better care.

That´s what I think. Xbox Live is not a babysitter.

Umm actually reporting on here had better reach microsoft employee's as I contacted someone from microsoft staff on here and he told me to post this here!  Not only this but this has gone through my friends list and began spamming everyone on it!  I do beleive fraud is illegal!

If you say so. But I still think no one should have listen to those people.

Well, you will see what happen. Maybe it can be solved. Good luck.

To protect your friends on your list, change your privacy settings for next time. 

[quote user="Xxl Z lxX"]

Umm actually reporting on here had better reach microsoft employee's as I contacted someone from microsoft staff on here and he told me to post this here!  Not only this but this has gone through my friends list and began spamming everyone on it!  I do beleive fraud is illegal!

[/quote]If you called support then they told you wrong.  They almost always say to post this kind of info on the forums, but the XBL PET does NOT read this forum.  I really wish MS would inform their employees what the correct action to do in this scenario. 

You need to block communications with this person, and file a complaint.  If other people are being spammed with crap from this user, then they need to the same.  MS will investigate and if the person in question is impersonating MS employees, they will find themselves permanently banned.