Play your own music in game like the original xbox..

Would love this feature to come back. used to love listening to my own tunes in the background while playing games on the original xbox.

Will this ever come back ?  why they took it out i will never know :(


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* Please enter only numbers. might be able to?  It's a good question......because if you can snap apps, doesn't that mean you could snap, let's say Xbox Music, and also play your game?

It's possible to do it on 360...You play your game,you can use the X box index and play your music from the HDD...But play music from an app while your playing don't know.

How it used to work was like in PGR or GTA you could turn over the radio station in car and it would play my music and not the in game music, we all know sometimes how bad in game music is and we would like our own music playing instead of the dodgy in game stuff. it was great..

You can do it on the 360 like somebody just said. I know you used to be able to Import music, but I bet you will be able to as you can go to the home screen very easily.

It'll be interesting to see if you could turn the game music to 0, keep the sound effects on and play music in the background, who knows, it's not confirmed but it's quite a nice question.

@ FastOrc :The problem doesn't come from the console but from the game.In SSX (on 360) the game allows you to play your music instead of the in game music....But very few games allows this....The only solution is the one i explain in my other post (above).

How about just turning the TV sound down and turning on the radio?   Usually the easiest is the simplest  

Then you can't hear your game. Sounds much better when your custom music sounds like part of the game. Lucky for me, I have the Astro Mixamp which allows me to play music from my phone through my headphones.

I do that with almost all games, on my 360, now. I just turn the music down in game, go to the guide and select my music option from there. Normally, I'll just stream music from my PC.


The only games this hasn't worked with are some very rare ones that inexplicably have dialogue mixed in with the music, so that turning music down in game also mutes dialogue. However, these are so rare that I can't name one off the top of my head.


I'm surprised that people don't already know this. I'd also be surprised if you couldn't do the same on the XB1.

I agree with Sir Walken. I stream audio from my PC every chance I get. It's built into the console, so I can listen to tunes while browsing in Netflix or just the dashboard. Whenever a cutscene's dialog (or a Netflix movie) would conflict with my music, it autopauses, then resumes when the cutscene is over. I rarely have to adjust the music settings in-game.

It's not all roses and smiles, though. There are some games that don't get the dialog layer vs. music layer right (for example, Call of Duty: MW3's menu screen music doesn't stop, so I gotta find the right balance of volume levels). You can't create a playlist unless the music is on the XBox's hard drive, and you can't get music onto the hard drive without ripping it from a CD (I neither have CDs nor the space on my HDD).

As for your music appearing as a radio station in-game, I don't know of any games that still do that. Burnout Paradise, I think?

My current setup works like a charm, and I hope XBoxOne continues this tradition.

Did a little research. Looks like Microsoft is pulling another 180.

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