Play n Charge Question / Issue

Recently, both of my 360 "Fats" died, within a week of each other, for the second time.  Anyways, I purchased a Gears 3 and MW3 console(s).  Numbers 5 and 6 so far.  These are my first "Slims".  With my "Fat" consoles I could swear that when I was done playing, turned off my 360 and plugged my controller in it would charge while the Xbox was off (light would be red then turn to green when full).  However, with my "Slims" when I do this the charge light never comes on and I don't think they are charging.  This may be user error however, the death of both my consoles in one week resulted in a complete tear down and cleaning of both of my av setups.  When I put them back together there is a chance that originally I had my play n charge kit hooked up to the usb port on the back of my set top box.  I can't remember for sure.  Any input would be appreciated.


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The charging kits should work the same on the Slim, I turn mine off and it charges, don't know what could be wrong though, it might be a faulty charge kit, they are rubbish TBH, both of mine have minds of their own and decide when they want to charge or not.