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Currently I am able to use windows media center from my pc to play home videos and stuff through my 360 as a extender. Will there be a way to do this on the xbox one? I understand that windows media center will not be available as an extender on the xbox one. So my question is, can I still stream videos that are in my shared folder on my PC through the xbox one to my TV in a far away room?




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They haven't said either way yet. The Seattle Times article is badly written, and the author seems to think Media Center = network streaming exclusively.

We only know that Media Center Extender is not included anymore.  But that was but one of three ways to stream content from over the network with Xbox 360.  Presumably the built in apps will have the ability to browse network shares, and accept data from DNLA devices.

Paul Smith

Repeatedly quoting a poorly written article won't make it true...

Well, they said it will cost $10 a month or $100 a year in addition to the gold subscription for playing music from your own LAN.

I would assume the same or worse applies to video.

I wonder if they will plug the "hole" of plugging a Roku, XBOX 360, WDLive player, PS3, etc. into the HDMI input.


no it does seem they are pushing a little too hard with this tv thing...i think they have big deals with cable companies pending and NEED to deliver a FLOCK of dedicated tv users on these new x1 point..F CABLE COMPANIES lol..they make you pay for 250 channels you wont watch and overcharge you for the few you do want to watch...they make you RENT a product you should of been able to buy in the first year (or less).  Cable companies are not our friend in the digital age, and the fact MS is in bed with them now shows me MS isnt either.  I will play games only on this...cable pay apps after paying for cable and renting a cable box is ludacris and cable programming is crap imo...everything good about cable can be watched later on netflix lol.  Focus on games, thats why the xbox360 sold good, most of us dont care about cable and those that do already have their preferred viewing systems and will be hard pressed to buy a $500 machine to do the same thing they've been doing, just a little easier and MORE expensive.  F the tv apps, and F the paywall to my own PC IF that is the case.  

I hate to say it but MS has got to be launching the worst pr campaign with the Xbox One lol I mean their very first commercial aired was about a TV APP!  Really?  I understand football season is here in the US but you have a huge portion of the gaming community thinking that you don't think games are that important.  How do you assuage their fears?  By focusing on a tv app?  MS please you are just showing that games are second in your priority.  Maybe I am being to critical but that's how it seemed to me

well SOMEONE needs to ask the MS this question: "Will the x1 put my own PC behind some kind of paywall or will I be able to access my movie/music off my computer for free?"  I bet you when faced with this x1 will probably dodge the ? as they want you to first get this $500 machine in your house and then realize, oh shoot, it doesnt see my pc without a pay app...WTF.  So someone ask them that ? and let us know.  Either which way i'll get the system but if they restrict my own pc you can kiss everything BUT gaming goodbye for me on this console and i'll stream my pc over a different way to my tv.   

or xbox music app, which some people have assumed is the only way to listen to music on an x1.

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@OP...short answer, on release...NOPE


We don't know that yet, we just know we wont be able to do it with Media Center

We are not going to do this all over again Dude....just bury your head back in the sand....


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