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Im looking into purchasing an LG 50" Plasma TV (50PV450) upgrading from an ancient 32" sony tube TV. although im an avid gamer and do many marathon gaming sprees weekly some days anywhere from 4-15 hours. and i also love watching movies. now i have a few question to people who are experience with plasma TV's.


1) Is burn in still an issue, im hearing alot that it seems to be almost completely gone. granted ive head there are alot of "ghosting" problems now and you have to run some sort of grey staticy screen to "wipe" it. any experiences?


2) The lag... now i know that there is supposed to be almost no lag with plasma, but im a HUGE guitar hero/rock band fan, so ANY lag is nearly unplayable, and the calibration settings never feel right. however i have a 60" LCD tv aswell, when i use the "p" settings (ie, 720p, 1080p) there is unbareable lag, however if i switch the xbox resolution to something that doesnt have a "p" in it, such as 1040x768 or 1680x1050 there is no lag what so ever, its like im playing on the tube TV. so this is really 2 questions

a. What is the lag like on a Plasma TV (specificly for games like guitar hero)

b. are the resolution settings such as 1680x1050 possible on a plasma through HDMI?


3. The "soap opera" effect. on our 60" LCD we have this terrible "tru motion" stuff. and imo, i hate it, it ruins movies/tv and makes everything unwatchable so i ALWAYS turn it off. now i see that most plasmas are at 600hz so they dont need this tru motion stuff, but does it still have the soap opera effect? and can it be turned off. or does it just look like a normal tv, this one is a big purchasing point for me.


4. I've heard of heating issues. and since this tv will obviously be on for long periods of time, is this really that much of an issue or does it even really burn that much hotter than an LCD?


5. Lifespan. how long do these things last for? ive heard anywhere from 20,000-100,000 hrs to half life.


Any help is greatly apreciated!!


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Burn-in isn't as big of an issue as it once was, but it will always be an issue with plasma, as it is inherent of the technology and cannot be eliminated. Manufacturers have incorperated trickery that makes burn-in take longer to occur and makes it more difficult to notice once it has. For this reason, I would not game on a plasma. Trust me, people will post after me, telling you burn-in is not an issue anymore. They are flat out, dead wrong. It is still an issue, and the only people who will tell you it's not is someone trying to sell you one, someone who (for whatever reason) refuses to admit it or the honestly ignorant.


I have never witnessed lag or the soap opera effect on a plasma.


As for the resolution... Plasma is a fixed pixel display, so it is going to convert all incoming signals to it's native resolution. What resolutions it will accept is dependant on the set. Through HDMI, I haven't personally seen anything other than the standard 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and the ocassional 540p. If you connect your console through a VGA input, new options will appear.


Plasmas do run hotter than LCD, but is not an issue.


I wouldn't worry about the lifespan. Today's sets will be obsolete long before they wear out (unless it fails prematurely).

Sorry for the double post... The static screen (I beleive) you're talking about that (supposedly) wipes ghosting & burn-in basically burns a new, uniform image onto the entire screen. What you effectively have is one giant patch of burn-in, that degrades the entire picture. It also doesn't always work. I have a friend who used to be a geek squad tech (he now sub-contracts for smaller computer & home theater stores) who was showing me several burnt-in displays at Best Buy that they had tried to fix via this method. He said they had some of them running a pure white screen over the course of three overnights without success. You could clearly see the bars where the source's aspect ratio hadn't exactly matched the set's 16:9 ratio.

I don't know much about LG models, but I can comment on my 2009 model Panasonic.

1) No.   If you play Dragon Age, or billion of hours of Battlefield there will be temporary image retention (that would be hard to notice unless you're looking for it, or watching Batman). It will go away after you play other content.

2)  I play Rock Band drums on hard difficulty? Not a problem, unless you're super sensitive to lag.

3)No LCD/LED soap opera.

4) It gets warm, but not HOT. It's not going to affect your heating bill. Maybe five of them in a circle would be like a weak fireplace though.

5) Mine advertises a 100,000 hour half-life.


I have Samsung LCDs in the living room and office, and I much prefer the Plasma.


Plasma consumes a lil more power I think, but I'm happy with mine.  Get professional calibration if you can regardless of what you get,  I loved my plasma after a certain geek adjusted the settings.

I have an above average amount of dust in my house (silly idea of using the bottom floor as a workshop), and another neat thing about my plasma is that dust never collects on the screen. You'll never really need to clean it, unless you leave grubby finger prints all over.

well. i bought the plasma, and i will quickly say that i am UNHAPPY with it and i WILL be returning it. for multiple reasons. some of which being that there IS lag, most notably in Rock band 3. and no matter what i do i cannot get it to stop, the game is now unplayable and i recently spent around $300 for all the pro instruments.... but for some odd reason it feels as if Guitar Hero Warriors of rock has no lag what so ever... it may have something to do with the larger hit frame in the game though??

As i said, i have a  samsung LCD as well, and plasmas are supposed to have darker darks and whiter whites.. i have tried messing around with every setting possible and ALL blacks look grey, my LCD tv looks better than the plasma does!! even the store model looked like this, we just chalked it up to bad lighting because it was the only one at the end of the stands actually facing the bright lights. i was wrong. not to mention the pixel noise.... i saw a review that mentioned it. i spotted it almost instantly, and now i can tell its there it is hideous and i cannot stop seeing it.

Also, this TV IS NOT Full 1080p. instead of it being 1920x1080 its more like 1900x1000, when i try to connect my computer to the tv and set it to 1920x1080 the side and bottom are cut-off. and again, my samsung does NOT have this issue what so ever. this is a huge issue to me considering i really want to play some of my pc games on the TV as well...

This honestly shocked me quite a bit, especially considering that the 60' version of this tv looked amazing! oh well... I'm currently looking into LED TVs now. more specifically the Samsung UN55D6050. any experience with this?

LG plasmas do tend to have high input lag. Some models have been recorded to have input lag as high as 60ms, individual sensitivity to noticing input lag does vary.The fact that your prior gaming display was a CRT which basically had zero input lag is going to make it even more noticeable to yourself. You would be better looking at Panasonic or Samsung Plasmas if you require lower input lag. Have a read of the flatpanel input lag thread on AVS forums to get figures on what may be a suitable screen with low input lag, be it LCD or PDP.


It's also not true that Plasma will always have deeper blacks levels. Only Certain Plasma TV's produce excellent black levels, Namely the no longer produced Pioneer Kuros and certain Panasonic Plasmas.Although the new Samsung D7000 & D8000 plasmas have been reviewed and reported to have excellent black levels in the larger screen size.


LG Plasmas don't produce deep black levels past or present (inferior MLL to many LCD's) Plasma will also not produce Brighter whites than an LCD. Due to ABL (automatic brightness limiter) which reduces power consumption. I find plasma more than bright enough though and never liked the blinding contrast that many of my friends and family have on their lcd tv's set in dynamic mode.


LG Plasmas also tend to suffer more Image retention than other PDP brands. And going by your rather large gamerscore you game alot, this may lead to persistant IR that will take a long time to clear.The Pixel noise is called dithering and it's going to be present on every Plasma you view. Increasing viewing distance should help reduce it's visibilty. Pansonic PDP's are capable of producing quite a clean picture in comparsion to LG & Samsung PDP.


Your LG is 1920x1080.what you're describing is overscan. You've either not got the LG set to either 1:1 pixel mapping (LG label it just scan) or you've connected your PC via the VGA connection which means the panel scales to 768p. IF you have just scan on the LG set when displaying your PC via HDMI or DVI to HDMI and you still see overscan then simply adjust overscan via your PC GPU contol panel.


LED tv's are just an LCD with LED lighting but I reckon you know that. EDGE lit lcd's are imo very poor and are more about aesthetics than PQ. Unless you like to look at your tv from the sides it doesn't really matter how thin the tv is (and you really don't want to view an LCD off axis) Panel uniformity on edge lit displays is very poor. Clouding will be in all likelyhood far more prominent on an edge lit LCD than a CCFL or Locally Dimming LED-LCD.


If you're considering LCD maybe look at a decent CCFL or High end Locally Dimming set such as the end of line Sony HX909 or it's successor the Highly regarded HX929.

I beleive rockband has an option to fix lag for HD tvs. You should take advantage of this option.

 As for your computer, you may have to mess around with the settings, or buy a new video card, because, correct me if Im wrong, but you are trying to run VGA to HDMI. I tried to do this before, it literally took me hours to find a setting to make the resolution match that of my television and it involved screen centering adjustment and a number of other methods.

Im not s huge fan of Plasmas, but from what I have read, they are getting better. The gentleman who first responded is right, they do still burn in, but the average user weill not have this problem. At stores, they leave the same image on for hours and days. Burn in is almost guarenteed. LCD is the way to go.

You will not be satisfied with an LED, as the quality is not there compared to the LCDor plasmas. Although they do come close.

Why not just get an LCD? They're supposed to last longer as well. I got one and it's brilliant.

in all honestly plasmas look better than any lcd led out there! it has the best PQ, no lag etc.

"burn in" is pretty much history!

also to note if you are getting a plasma display stay away from LG, Vizio, and Samsung. the only company to go with on plasmas is the big "p" panasonic!

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