Pixels everywhere while playing xbox one games Help!!

I've been getting pixel blocks everywhere while playing forza ,assassins creed and others on Xbox one. Is this normal? HELP!

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Sounds like a bad GPU or overheating problem. Not normal.

Thanks borss39  for the quick reply will call bestbuy and try to return.

Have you tried a different HDMI cable just a thought?

Ya it sounds like a GPU prolem i would contact support about this.

I tried the Included HDMI cable and another from my 360.

You could try a different hdmi cable, but I doubt that would do anything. I had issues like this on a PC before. Your GPU (graphics processor) is no good.

I started getting "pixel blocks" on my PC that were green and pink just before the graphics card bit the dust.  I actually had to RMA both of my GPUs and EVGA is sending me brand new current generation NVIDIA cards so I can't complain much but still haha.