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Hi all!

  I have a question about this receiver and the xbone. I have put every configuration with the HDMI cables that the instruction booklet said and on this support website. I use the HDMI'S in and out like instructed. I can get video for the xbone but no audio no matter what i do!. Not getting anywhere with the HDMI cables with the audio I turned to using the optical cable and i cant get any sound with this either. Does anyone know if the problem is with the receiver or if I am doing something else wrong? I have had the 360 hooked up here with no problems and a wii. Now for some reason I can't get this audio problem fixed! ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a samsung LCD series 7 750 tv.



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A little more info needed. Like are you running anything through the HDMI in on the Xbox one and are you running the Xbox one out to the receiver and then the receiver out to the TV?

I tried running the HDMI from the xbox to my dvr then another HDMI from the xbox to the tv. That did not work. Then I tried running an HDMI from the xbox to the TV. And then an optical from the xbox to the receiver and that did not work. I have only one out on the reciever for HDMI and that runs to the tv. I have like five ports for HDMI'S in the receiver.

This is how my setup goes. I have the HDMI from my cable box going to the HDMI input on the Xbox one. Then I have the HDMI output from the Xbox one going to the HDMI game input on my receiver. Then I have the HDMI output from the receiverrunning  the TV.

The only thing I can think of is make sure the receiver is set to the correct input. I have it all hooked up right. I can go between my xbox one and tv. But I get no sound with the xbox one. I just hear the TV.

Okay. So you get sound when you are watching TV through the Xbox one from the TV app, but you don't get any sound when playing a game or movie, correct?

You have to set up the input through your receiver correctly it is where you configure it on your display which is your tv and can be a little technical.. I have a pioneer elite series Vsx-03txh receiver and you must refer to your pioneer receivers manual mine is on page 70 Called the input setup menu.  Hope that helps you.  By the way it sounds awesome!   7.1 Thx sound!  

So, I have an Xbox One and the Pioneer VSX-1021 receiver. It works. It sounds great, but I think it's not going to be a good solution for really getting what I want out of the system. The problem is that with CEC turned on fully (HDMI control/synchronization between devices) - that being tv turned on, receiver turned to on, xbox one on, the problem is that the receiver very aggressively changes the input to tv/sat. Well, there is no tv/sat input on the back of the receiver! So, you have to use another. I use DVR/BDR. So, every time xbox one fires everything up, it switches to a useless input and there is no way to turn this off. The only workaround is to turn some CEC functions off and that becomes a pain as it just doesn't work right. The best workaround is to walk to the receiver and MANUALLY change it back to the input you want. Doing that allows everything to work. This is therefore not a great receiver for xbox one owners. Not having the TV/SAT HDMI input was poor thinking.

I have this problem too. I have Pioneer VSX 1021K and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. My device has been back and forth to Pioneer and they send it back saying its fine. Obviously after reading other people are having problems with their Pioneer receivers and Xbox one I'm now just going to plug everything into the receiver. This will stop hopefully an argument between the two devices. Its really annoying as I'm now going to watch TV the old way instead of through the app. My devices changed the input to TV/SAT as well. Not sure if Microsoft can fix this or weather as per usual you buy a device and realise its out of date!!