Phil Spencer's Destiny Has Been Determined!

All of Phil's fans will be pleased to know that he has logged over 300 hrs in Destiny! #SayWow :P


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Even Phil Spencer can have bad taste.....

Or maybe he is testing the game to avoid this kind of bs from a Microsoft studio....

(pretty sure my friend list will grow after this post)   ;)

I really don't get the appeal of Destiny. Bought it for $20 bucks and I only put 5 hours in.

Feels like I wasted my money, even when I bought it on sale.

LOL.... I'm at 360 hours.....   BOOOURNS!

But he was at Gamescom and not you.   Booooyyyyaaaa !!!!!  ;)

(hum,didn't realise but 300 hours that' not much for a year old game,

300 hrs that's a bit more than a month of Witcher 3,for me).

Doubt it's accurate. It'll be a lot of time for sure, but maybe not quite 346 hours. Maybe shave 20 off, or more if somebody else in his house is playing it a lot.

The X1 game stats are skewed. It records time spent in menus and stuff, and if more than one profile is signed in at one time, all of those profiles get time logged on the game being played, or app being used by one profile, even when the owners of the other profiles have never played the games or used the apps.

I have a nasty habit of quitting to a menu and just going off to do other things, with the console still on, and leaving profiles that connected through SmartGlass signed in when I'm playing stuff... X1's logging hella non-game/app time. If it was accurate I'd be all... (・∀・) But I'm more... ( ’ - ’  )

Still... kudos to Herr Shpensher. Gamers gonna game.

A lot of time ??? Really ??

That's less than an hour a day....

lol... Or it's two weeks straight with no sleep...

... anyone dropping more than 100 hours into a game is dedicating a lot of time to that game. IMO

S'a lot. {=)

That depend of the game....But for a game like Destiny that's nothing.....

300 hours i got that on Neverwinter in 2 months.

On Halo MCC in 3  months.

On Witcher 3 in a bit more than one month.

On Elite Dangerous in less than 2 months.....


If Gamespot wants to make an article or if one of you wants to make a thread about me....I'm here for a full interview.  ;)

Yeah but are you the busy head of one of the most successful divisions in consumer electronics for one of the world's largest multinational corporations?


He was playing Gears Ultimate edition earlier tonight.

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