PES12 revealed today

sometime after 12pm PES12 will be revealed with a press release and a video of seabass (brains behind it all) explaining some key features :D

cant wait.


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Good man, look forward to it.

I believe they're also, like Fifa are doing another 'overhaul'.

I'd like to see little bits, that just add to the atmosphere, such as subs warming up along the touchline. Generic-looking managers, resembling their real life counter parts stood near the tactical area, randomly waving their arms! Obviously won't happen, but I can hope.

the video is out now!!!

watching now

Not too impressed in all honesty.

Gutted because I was really hoping for some sort of overhaul in the game engine but it really just looks like a slight upgrade from PES 2011 so far.

Here's hoping its an early build.

there wont be a huge change

but in that video if you look closely enough you can already see off the ball movement has been drastically improved which is great. and if all the things seabass has said is true then i cant complain. i do play PES11 ALOT so maybe thats why, although it has problems i still find it satisfying to score goals which is the main thing for me

PES11 with better AI and no glitches/bugs is good for me, also something personally good is that square nets are back lol which is awesome

at E3 we shall see alot more of PES12 and FIFA12


The game has been terrible since 09 and i cant see it improving enough to take on fifa

FIFA is dull (the single player)

not bashing it, thats just how it is. with friends its a blast though and i buy both every year no matter what lol i could write an essay on what FIFA needs to do to improve its single player (i dont see how people enjoy football games online tbh) but i like what FIFA12 is aiming at, with the new engine

whilst fifa isnt the most accomplished fotball game ever its the best available.

PES needs a complete overhaul not just a few tweaks.

well for me PES does not need an overhaul at all

it just needs new animations and smoother gamplay along with stuff like better AI

I'm looking forward to it. It all sounds really good! I still enjoy playing PES 2011 today, both Master League and Become A Legend! All PES 2011 needed was better off the ball runs from your AI team mates, Better referees and more animations (Although its alot better than previous versions).