PES 2012 - Released October 14th

PES 2012: The Season Begins October 14th

KONAMI dates ‘most ambitious and advanced football game ever’

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced it will unleash its eagerly-awaited PES
2012 title on October 14th for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and Windows PC, stating it is the most
ambitious and advanced football experience ever.


PES 2012 goes further in giving the user total control than any other football title, offering AI
innovations and gameplay additions that cover every aspect of real football.
Central to PES
2012 is the all-new Active AI system which ensures that teammates work to close down space,
defend zonally and hold their line to minimise attacking options. As such, as players defend, their
colleagues will look to hold the defensive line and mark oncoming offensive support. Conversely,
when attacking, the player will see that their teammates will make dummy runs, draw defenders,
and work to give the player more options in attack.


Furthermore, the emphasis on the team as a unit is demonstrated with PES 2012’s ground-
breaking Teammate Control system – a truly unique addition which allows the user to control two
players at once, prompting runs or drawing defenders with one, while the other holds the ball up.

Teammate Control works in two ways; with users pressing the right analogue stick in the direction
of the player they wish to control. Support play is offered in Assisted mode wherein users prompt a
second player to make a timed run to cut inside or receive a ball, while total control is afforded by
the fully Manual mode which gives the user complete freedom of movement of the second player.


Elsewhere, PES 2012 is equally full of new additions. Animation has been enhanced, while the
overall presentation has also been refined. Managers can now be seen wandering the touchline,
while the general atmosphere of a big-match day has been faithfully recreated. In terms of
gameplay, shooting movement and reactions are much improved, control is no longer totally lost
when losing possession of the ball, a return to the classic ‘behind player’ penalty system, and one-
on-one situations offer greater control as defenders press and jostle to win the ball, and attackers
use upper body feints and movements to bypass and wrong-foot their man.

PES 2012 also continues KONAMI’s close relationship with UEFA that sees the PES series as the
exclusive home of the UEFA Champions League™, UEFA Europa League™ and UEFA Super
Cup™ video game licences. Attention to detail within these key tournaments has been extended
to the match officials, and PES 2012 will see referees and their assistants now sporting the official
UEFA Champions League™ uniforms.


“PES 2012 is a massive advance for the football genre, truly the most ambitious and advanced
football game ever” claimed Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader for Konami Digital
Entertainment GmbH. “The additions we have made in terms of Teammate Control, Active AI
and Off the Ball Control and elevate the level of play to new heights. No other game allows users
so much control over their team, and PES 2012 ensures that the days of gaps in defence and
shouting at teammates to make a run are long gone. This is a very exciting time to be a PES fan,
and we are delighted that we can set a firm date for football fans to mark in their calendars.”


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I'll check out the usual demo thats tries to match the FIFA from the year before....PES will still be second best till they get proper team names etc!

The names aren't a problem in my opinion. After all, they're easily changed to the proper ones within 10 minutes.


True but it's a pain for some people, although it doesn't bother me that much.

The main thing for me is that some well known players don't look like their real life counterparts. It also seems that the gameplay doesn't change much, only minor changes.

Hope its better than the last pile of crap, used to love pes they seemed to have gone backwards

I'd say it has very impressive likenesses to players, not every player, of course, some have generic appearances, much like Fifa.


Being able to control a second player with the right analog stick to draw defenders away sounds like it could work really well. During set plays, whether it be goal kicks, corners, free kicks, throw ins, you can also control players off ball, to get into better attacking positions. On the 3rd August when the 'embargo' drops and the people playing the preview codes can finally talk about the game, should be interesting.


Overall, 2011 was a huge improvement over every next gen PES title, I think. 2012 promises to be fantastic. So I think they've finally pulled their finger out. Especially as they've included the old PS2 modes, such as challenge mode & training mode, dribbling around those cones. :P

It's hard to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time. Go ahead and try it, I'll wait. The fluid combination of the two separate motions feels unnatural, but those who can pull it off without hesitation will always have something impressive to demonstrate. Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has added its own version of the aforementioned feat of coordination with a new control scheme that's extremely difficult and -- believe it or not -- much more rewarding: Teammate Controls.


Teammate Control let's you control two on-screen players at once, and in short, it's a total game changer -- but that doesn't mean it's easy. While FIFA's allowed gamers to call players in for help or send them on runs, it never provided full control. After years of relying on AI and semi-controlled breaks into space, gamers can now fully manipulate their surroundings – the only catch: it's quite difficult to manage. My first attempts at using the new feature caused a breakdown in coordination ending with me sending my teammates running out of bounds as I failed to simultaneously dribble around defenders. Other times a mental hiccup would cause both players to run around in alternating circles. Rather than smoothly kicking a player into a run, I'd often force him to stop in his tracks and lose momentum. But for every handful of missteps, there's that golden moment when the stars align on the pitch and you pull off an insane pass for a break and an open look at the net. Then it's all worth it.

For those of us who get their fingers tied in knots over such things, Teammate Control can be turned off if they'd like to toy with it in small doses or not use it all together. But for serious players looking to make the perfect play, it will likely become a staple in their virtual soccer career moving forward. I've cursed my AI teammates a hundred and one times for not sprinting into space for an easy breakaway. From the PES 2012 demo at E3, Konami showed new AI smarts to combat this frustration, but at this point in development they've upped their own ante by giving players full control over their nearby allies. The new maneuver is pulled off with a simple click of the right stick pointed the direction of the desired teammate.


For argument's sake, and the fact Lionel Messi has championed PES for the past few years, let's arrange a FC Barcelona scenario. Viktor Valdes, the goalkeeper, has just made a save and lobs the ball to the foot of Midfielder Andres Iniesta near the center line. Iniesta beats his mark and carries the ball up the center of the field as striker Messi's waiting on the cusp of the offside trap. Traditionally, one can punch a through-ball for the striker to catch after passing his defender, but Teammate Control provides options. Imagine an additional defender breaking his zone to mark Iniesta harder and force a pass. Pushing in the right stick in the direction of Messi, you can make him run into space and give Iniesta a clean pass to keep possession with Barca. Alternatively, you can set Messi running at an unorthodox angle and give him a clear shot on goal. Teammate Control means opportunities, and it's only a player's imagination (and skill) that causes a breakdown in possibility.

While Teammate Control might revolutionize the technical aspects of charging up the field, the additional elements at play in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 remain mired in the past. Before getting a handle on Teammate Control, every pass, shot, and scenario in the game felt strikingly similar to last year's outing as well as the year before. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is sitting on a fantastic new way to play, but are its other elements going to keep it from being great?


Superstar difficulty is also unlockable from the PES Shop!

The animations & turning look slightly more fluid on this build. Hopefully they improve on them even more. Love the ball physics for Rooney's goal, bounces off the ground then dips over the keeper.




Wouldnt  touch  this  crap  game  with  a  bargepole.  They  say  every  year  its  the  best  ever  and  its  an  epic  fail  with  horrible  laggy  games  online  and  shockingly  bad  gameplay.  every  the  time  the  ball  goes  out  of  play  theres  a  4  second  pause.  Its  ***  and  if  it  was  free  I  still  wouldnt  want  it  .FIFA  ALL  THE  WAY

Yeah erm, this PES v Fifa crap is boring me now. This thread wasn't made for this purpose. I'm slagging neither off, as after buying Fifa 11 for the PC, I was impressed.


But how can you slag PES 2012 off without playing it? Up until Fifa 08, Fifa was shocking. But I guess that didn't affect you because of the licenses, so you saw through all of this, right?


PES 2011 was a massive improvement on PES 2010. Just like Fifa 08 was a massive improvement on Fifa 07. So if Fifa can get it right... (within a year) Eventually... After years of trying, why are you so sure that PES can't? FYI, Konami have been listening to the fans' feedback & have improved dramatically on PES 2011... I'm not saying it'll be as fluid as Fifa 12, but it's making forward strides.

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