PES 2012 E3 Trailer



Love the cutscenes & camera men, although the actual gameplay still looks a little stiff. Hope they sort this out & change the passing back to fully manual like the PES 2011 demo. The full release passing was heavily assisted compared to the demo.


Lots of info coming tomorrow.


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95% of the trailer is cutscenes?... which in my opinion looks awful... Fifa 12 for me, I refused to get 11 as I got 10. I will try a demo(if there is one) of pes, but I somehow doubt I will ever buy another PES game.

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Fifa 12 for me

[/quote]Yep same here mate especially with clubs and the fifa league on the forums its a no brainer for me

Fifa 12 for me

Yeah agree mate, Fifa leagues on forums and that just make Fifa a better experience.

It's looking good but I want to see a full game play video before I comment further!

...Hm... Anyway, back to the PES thread...


Active AI: PES 2012 strives to recreate the movement and team ethic of real football, and Active AI plays a vital role in this. Players will no longer flock to a ball, but will make intelligent runs to create space and draw markers, while others will make themselves available, instigate runs, and visibly call for the ball. In the box, support players will make diagonal decoy runs, full backs will overlap on the wings and midfielders will provide support from behind the ball. The new Active AI routines ensure the flow of a match is more natural, with specific routines for both attack and defence. Hold-up play implemented last year has been improved for easier control with more effectiveness. Defending as a unit plays a key role, and players now hold a tight line, check on the distance between each other, track back as a unit, and fill in for each other. As individuals they also make better decisions to close space, block and tackle.


Jostling: Physicality is a key component in PES 2012, with player strength one of their key individual attributes, and having a vital effect on how they can use their strength to win the ball in a one-on-one situation. Players now fall depending on how they are challenged, with more realistic animations used to show the challenges between two jostling players.


Graphics: Several aspects of the game have enjoyed a huge overhaul. Player facial expression is now much richer and the lighting effects are more natural, while new cameras show off the huge variety of pitch-side movement, with more detail on and around the game than ever before.


Off The Ball Control: Equally key to opening up PES 2012 is the ability to highlight any player at any time. A new system has been implemented, allowing users to switch players with ease. In defence, the right stick is now used to select any outfield player, while set pieces are also enhanced through its use. Goal kicks, corners, free kicks and throw-ins now let the user quickly take control of any player off the ball, enabling clever runs which create space for an attack.


Referee AI: Referees are also crucial to general game flow and their AI has been greatly enhanced to ensure fewer interruptions to play. Decisions are improved, and advantage is played much more regularly in offside and free kick scenarios. As such, refs will only intervene when truly necessary, but they will show cards if necessary once play has broken down.


Pass Support: Accessed through the new personal player settings, Pass Support allows users to determine the level of AI assistance when passing the ball. Players can opt for one of five settings from full support, right up to full veteran setting which switches off all assistance so that the direction, weight and speed of every pass is at their disposal.


“We are really pleased to implement so many improvements within the areas that our fans wanted changed,” commented Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “PES 2012 is about matching real football, whilst ensuring an unrivalled gameplay experience. The trailer highlights many of the innovations we have added, and, more importantly, how they benefit the game. There’s plenty more to come, but for now we look forward to seeing how fans react.”