Permanent Suspension.(Need Help from enforcement)

First of all i pre ordered black ops 3 i played the beta then 2 weeks after the beta i got a permanent suspension for account theft or something like that but i never stole a account so what i did is contacted xbox support chat with a person named "erin g" and i talked to him for 2 hours or so and he checked all my resources and checked my account and he said i could post a review for my account to be unbanned then something was wrong so i needed to do the questionnare and it wouldnt load that page for me it just said "null" when i opened it and Erin asked if i know why i was banned and i said to him I think so i was in a lobby earlier the day for GTAIV and suddenly i got alot of achievments that i didnt earn and suddenly i was banned forever a permanent ban.. my pc shut off for some reason then i contacted another member (forgot his name) and he said that my account will be reviewed that i dont need to do the questionnare anymore and it ill take within a week for an email to say what happend etc.. and i never got that email.. Please Help!!

Banned account GT : Xoze Clawz
New Account GT : ExtremeClawz
Please Help me
Greetings Ricky.


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Nothing anyone here can do & the enforcement team don't read any of the forums.

Your only option is to log in here    & open a case review.

Remember,the enforcement team carry out a thorough investigation before banning someone so it's highly unlikely you will get the ban lifted.