PDC Darts Tourney

Probably more in hope than anticipation as I've not seen many of you guys with this game but never the less here goes....


Was going to try and organise a wee tourney just for fun and would like to see if anybody would be intrested or not ideally a minimum 8 players would be better but if its only 2 then at least were right to the final!!


Was probably just going to do straight knockout standard 501 darts but we could always change it by throwing in some of the party games, hopefully get some intrest but we will see if it goes down like a lead baloon :)


All scores and fixtures will be posted here so if you fancy some tungsten fun stick your name down and hopefully see you at the oche!!


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Hi ya, I downloaded this game earlier today and would definately be up for some co-op play. Count me in.

Nice 1 Fe accepted the FR :)

Is it an arcade game ? Might give it a spin if the price is right.

No , its full retail game I paid £11 second hand , you can download it now I think its about 1800pts or there-a-bouts

No its a on-demand game and is £14.99

Hmmm , off to the shops tomorrow so i`ll swing into Game and have a shuftie .

well worth a look mate, its the kinda game that will get addictive.

If you can get it for about £10-15 its well worth it mate with a nice little mixture of different style dart party games