PC with HDMI issues

I'm running my PC media center through my Xbox one.  HDMI through Xbox through surround sound is causing major problems.  I am expecting HMDI to be a passthrough with the One having an overlay on the video.  Why does my PC constantly get a lost signal when the screen changes?  Whenever I move the mouse, I get a lost TV signal error.

This is making want to just put the Xbox in the garage for a while since PC through 5.1 works fine without.  Can Xbox not work with Windows 7 even thouigh it is the same dev?


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The Xbox One has to either genlock its own output with the input signal, or buffer the input and correct for differences in sync every once in a while (such as dropping or repeating input frames). I don't know which of those methods they use, but I'm getting the impression they're doing the latter.


Either way, this type of integration is difficult to perform and can produce all sorts of issues. For instance, your PC may be outputting at 60 Hz and the Xbox One expecting the input to be 59.94 Hz. Or it may output full range RGB and the Xbox One preferring limited range RGB, revealing bugs in how it manages the input signal.


It's probably quite an underdeveloped part of the system that will need a bit of time to get working as they update it. Hence why they're officially "restricting" the HDMI in port to TV boxes. It narrows down the variables a bit.

Thanks for the input, I think I was just getting super annoyed when I posted that.  Clearing the cache or whatever happens when I hold down the power button for about ten seconds has helped clear the issue up.  I think just doing that every couple of weeks should keep things running smoothly.