Payday 2 Crimewave Edition

Anyone picking this up? Me and a couple of mates are and will be looking for a 4th person to pull off the heists.

Payday 2 was one of my favourite games on the 360 and some great co-op action to be had, if you have never played it i would highly recocomend it. Yes its a remaster but it will include content that was never made available on consoles before (i have to justify it somehow right lol) so should be lots of new things to do and see although i cant wait to get back to simple bank robberies lol.

If anyone is picking this up chuck a FR my way so we can releive the world of its loot together.

Saying that i have not seen one post about this game so its likely nobody else is getting it lol.


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I've picked it up mate :)

I know 2 others that have as well.

I thought this was a great game on the 360, something different, refreshing from all the other online games out there and especially good when played with people you know.

I'm about over the weekend if you fancy knocking off a few banks.

( Just need to pull myself away from Elder Scrolls lol )

Yeh im deffo up for that, got my copy sat on the doormat waiting. Chuck me an invite or msg if you see me on as i never see you on lol.

That's cos you two operate in different time zones!  I was going to grab it as had a good laugh playing with Lofty and folks,  but Just can't put the Witcher down and can't see that changing anytime soon.  

@ Boas,

I mostly appear offline. Got a couple of nephews and nieces ( I love them dearly ) but boy can they be a pain in the backside when they join a party I'm in, just don't stop talking lol

I might get on tonight after 7ish, not totally sure yet as it depends on what the governor ( the wife ) is doing but I'll definitely be about over the weekend.

Nice one Lofty as i said just gimme a shout.

@genchy pick it up, the witcher will end soon and jumping in a few payday games will extend the life of the witcher for you ;)

Noooooooooo don't say that Boas!!  

Perfect reason right there Genchy!

Get thee behind me Satan!  

Just picked this up. Anyone having problems with it. It keeps constantly freezing on the map screen and wont let me join any games.

Just picked this up & yet another new game that doesn't work. When going online the whole game freezes & wont let me join any games as above .

Im sorry this game has been out for 2 yrs on the 360 its a total joke this game comes out today & doesn't work. Apparently those who had early release copies had the same bug for the last 2 weeks trying to get online. Seems like a patch has never been written or someone is sitting on it somewhere, but hey who cares you have my money now.

It's a miracle if new releases actually work now a days, come on Microsoft tidy up what's released on your platform..

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