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$50 is a lot to pay all at once to use Netflix and YouTube on the TV. Not to mention getting extra features on certain games. I was never fully happy with the XBox and never really owned one until my friend from work sold me hers because she needed the money for her bills. I also couldn't connect it to the internet and only used it to play certain games that I bought at Walmart at discount that I had wanted for a while. I then began to explore everything that could be done connected to the internet but also the barriers that having basic XBox Live membership presented. I want to put it through to Microsoft that an option to pay monthly installments for a year long subscription should be offered. There could be a lease agreement type thing where the account would have to pay for the first two or three months and then begin paying monthly after that. If payment isn't made on the day it's due, the privileges to XBox Live Gold could be suspended until payment is given. I would think that it would be more convenient for those who don't have all of the money required upon signup. 


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Forgive me if I have misunderstood your post but there is actually the option to pay for Xbox Gold Membership on a monthly basis via the below link.


You can also buy subscription cards from trusted retailers on that link.


I hope that helps.

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If you are in the US, I have seen XBL Gold for $35. Just a suggestion.

You have a membership......

Just because someone sells you a console does NOT give you accsess to thier games, profile or, account.

MANY payment options exist....   Pre-paid cards and, most any debit/credit card can be used.


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I believe it to be cheaper to buy the yearly subscription than pay by the month. This is how I sort of want the payment option:

Year Subscription Price/Over the course of a 12 month period


Where may I be able to find this?


I understood this, I didn't WANT to access their account in the first place and I had to make two accounts of my own, loosing all the Gamerscore that I had previously earned before joining XBox Live. I appreciate the help though.

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Thank you for the response. I can't answer for Camhawk but I imagine he has seen this offer on amazon or somewhere similar. There are some great deals out there but I will leave that for him to respond to so I am not standing on his toes.

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You have 3 options.Pay by the month at 9.99 per month,every 3 months pay 24.99 or yearly for 59.99

Go on Amazon and there are plenty of options. There are even frequent fire sales on 12 month cards, I managed to get one at $35 a couple years ago. The average is around $50 though.

Sorry Twilighthater98, I have seen them at Target for $35.

I buy them every year directly from Microsoft every Boxing day for $35