Party etiquette...

Do you have one and do you follow it?

I ask because I have sort of considerations, however what I expect from others isn't what I do, let me try and explain.

I normal meet 1 person in game and through them I play with others they play with, so i end up playing with various groups of people.

When I am in a party I don't have a problem with anyone joining the party to chat or play, infact I welcome it and most know if the chat needs to focus due to the game the idle chit chat gets asked to stop and everyone I play with seems fine with that and either stays and waits for a time or leaves and waits for a better time.

However I always feel like its better to be invited than just bounce in, more so when i haven't played with someone for a while.

I do send messages asking if people mind me joining just incase.

Do you have a party chat etiquette, and what do you expect?


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If I post the way me and my friends talked in party chat a lot of people would be offended. So the people I talk with have no etiquette.

lol, fair enough.

I know a lot of people that only play with the same people so I guess not a lot of people have the same issue.

Only old peps tend to have "party etiquettes".

Parties are fun on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. If you don't want peps barging in, put it on Invite Only. I don't mind if music is playing in the background but if it's too loud I either kick them or mute them. Don't cus too much and be nice music is ok. But sometimes if you do bounce in you do get kicked especially if the host is not your friend. Only sometimes will I send messages if I can join. Other times I just "JUMP IN" - that's the Xbox 360 motto. Xbox 1's motto is "JUMP AHEAD". My friends bounce in often. Sometimes we play Google Now or Siri in our mics which ever your phone has, and ask stupid questions sometimes and we crack up when it responds.

I'm never in any party or hold any parties, I'm %100 playing with randoms and fine with it. Mainly because I don't have any real friends who are gamers.

So,,,,,,, What have you asked siri?

You know me Dave, can't chat and play at the same time. I like a small party for chatting about the game we're playing. Joining a chatroom to chat is just weird for me, I have the missus, a daughter or a phone if I want to chew the fat. I text chat with some dudes via messenger and Facebook etc'.  But 20 dudes playing 6 different games talking about 10 different things is just not for me.

the best part about playing games is the completely random stuff that comes up in party chat imo. Playing by yourself an get extremely boring.

@Smile, it think most young don't have any considerations of etiquette and also don't care about other people, things like not saying, I am going bye is just rude in my book, and young people don't see any issue with saying they will join in and they going without saying anything.

@Red, i thought the people of this forum would be able to offer real experience so gave siri a miss.

@Maple, i know what you mean, which adds more complexity to the party etiquette.

@iBakez, I agree, but I also like playing solo sometime, as you get to do exactly what you want when you want, and its just more relaxing sometime.

I prefer to be invited into a party chat, especially if its for people I know, but don't play with often.

Although if it is a crowd I know, I tend to see who is in party chat first before joining, or wait for an invite.

However, I don't mind people dropping in on mine.

The one thing that really gets my goat though is if people are all playing different games with different groups, so party chat can get a bit manic.  At that point, I suggest that everyone disbands and joins different party chats, so at least we can all hear each other think and be able to concentrate on our game and communicate effectively.  There's nothing more annoying if your shouting out an enemy's position, but nobody hears it because of the noise, or someone else playing a different game shouts out a position and out of habit, you turn around before realising they don't mean you :D

I don't mind a bit of banter though either.  Sometimes though if I am playing a SP game, I don't like joining in with party chat, because I like to hear what is going on in my game.

If I start a party I always lock the door so its invite only.   I wont join one without asking or being invited.   If its a team game I prefer party chat to be focused on that, but sometimes a bit of banter and a general catch up about games etc is cool if everyone is playing different games.  

^^ im pretty sure 95% of our party chat the other night was absolute tosh and 5% on the division lol

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