Party Chat (view who is in Party)

I know that the new dashboard is in Beta mode but when the official new dashboard releases plz add the ability to view who is in the party before joining.


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I know if you have the app on Windows 10 you can go to the profile of someone and see who is in their party.

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This is already being looked into & should be back within the next few months.

Xbox 360 has this. On the Xbox 360's console's UI under Social, go to Parties, and you can see the avatars and gamertag names of those in that party even if you're not in that Party. I'd suggest posting on the official feedback site for xbox.

microsoft will never fix this issue is my guess.  they did not like it.

I am not in the preview and I can see who my friends are in a party with.

I second this I got some friends that don't like other friends and would rather not listen to them bicker.