Party chat problems

Nearly every time myself and my friends try to set up a party the chat refuses to turn on for at least one of us. It says it is unavailable at this time and to try again later. The problem can usually be fixed by restarting your xbox but can sometimes take a couple of tries and is certainly not a solution to the problem. I thought it may be a problem with my NAT settings on my router but they seem ok even after resetting it. Has anyone else had the same problems? 

Why isn't chat turned on automatically when you join a party anyway?


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its screwed thats why,  sorry but thats the easy answer.  happening to few of my friends also randomly taking me out of party chat with out even letting me know,

another step backwards on a next gen console lol

If its a common problem then I am sure it will get fixed soon. I just thought it might only be me.

It's a very common problem that will be fixed soon

Playing BF4? I've only had issues when hosting chat with other than an open NAT, connecting to someone else who has other than an open NAT (this includes randomly having chat turn off), or trying to join/start voice chat after launching BF4 (or after the party I'm joining has launched this game).