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Why cant I or my friends join party chat after joining a party? It keeps saying something like "Cant join party chat right now. Try again later" or something along those lines. Any info on trying to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you and your friends checked your NAT settings to make sure they are "Open" and not "Moderate" or "Strict"? I know quite a few people have had issues with NAT and joining/starting partys.

Also, has it only just started happening or have you always had this issue?

I know that my NAT is open but im noy sure about my friends.

This is the first time ive tried party chat on xbox one.

the party chat is still messed , when you get this error you have to try to exit from the party then join it again  if this don't work you can try to start a new party chat , i hope they will fix it soon


The improved party system was supposed to help with all different NAT types.  It seems that there are still some minor issues.  Which in my opinion, is unacceptable after 15 months and counting.  

This thread was a couple of months old apart from "hello"