Party chat on one console?

A bit odd, but I want to see if it is possible to have two players on the same console, each with their own account, to be on a party chat.  I am curious for two reasons, one is that if I can get both myself and my friend's voices to come over the tv, I can record them on my elgato (instead of having to get a microphone on a stand).  Plus, the ability would be useful if I wanted to host a chat with both of us and others online.  It is better to use the mics than rely on the kinect microphone, plus we might be able to join games where split-screen coop is allowed along with online multiplayer.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


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This should be possible, as I think I was able to do it on the Xbox 360 and on the Xbox One with my brother in the past. ;)

I am having trouble making this happen as well and have not been able to find any support for it. If someone could please post how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.