Party chat and friends windows 10 on Xbox one ui things missing.

I notice with the new windows 10 on Xbox one UI,doesn't let you see who's in a party chat before entering it and when looking at a friends profile under friends it no longer has you or you plus to let you know if your still friends,anyone else think they need to bring these features back before releasing windows 10 on Xbox one to the public.


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Because it just shows how many friends they have it be nice to see you or you plus under friends

Personally I don't think those features need to be there.

I wouldn't accept a random party invite from someone I don't know so chances are when I get invited by someone I do know then anyone else in the party I know also so I don't need to know who is in a party before joining myself.

As for the other feature! It doesn't bother me to see whether I'm still on someone's friends list! If someone decides to delete me, well their loss ;)

Yea but it would be nice to see the party chat before entering ,just in case there is that person you don't like in chat.

Everything is catered to sociability and I hate it. We still cant even turn off our vibration function on the controller but god bless the need to be in contact with a bunch of strangers every minute of the day. Not to mention all this will be useless when the "core services " go down like they do oh so much. everything is made to work only when connected with LIVE, how bout we get features we actually want, like customize-able UI and being able to play digital games and DLC without being connected to LIVE. 

Ms please add this stuff back and bring back the white star thing so I know when a games been updated.

I mean green star white background