PAD is Recruiting - A Mature 17+ U.K/EU Team

PAD is a newly created mature, 17+ U.K/EU team that will play Section 8: Prejudice, Brink and Gears of War 3 as well as some other titles on the Xbox 360. PAD's leadership is experienced having lead several clans/guilds across a range of games and platforms in the past. The clan has been established in association with, a site that offers gaming news, reviews, developer interviews and more. PAD's current member base consists of Game-Pad members and we're wanting to expand on that by bringing in some more team oriented players.

The PAD site can be found here. At the moment we're using Enjin for our website as we wanted to get things set up quickly and efficiently, we're not sure whether or not we'll be sticking with Enjin but it's looking likely as they offer an easy to use clan management system with a range of themes that also allow heavy customization, once we've made a decision about the site we'll be registering a proper domain name. We like to think we're quite laid back in regards to our requirements, nevertheless we do have some specific criteria that applicants must meet if they are interested in joining.

You must be 17 years of age or older and be mature.
You must have a good quality working headset and be able & willing to use voice communications.
You must be team oriented, no lone wolves!
You must be willing to check the clan website/forums every couple of days to stay up to date with clan news.
You must be U.K/EU based, nothing against Americans whatsoever, it's just the timezone difference can cause major issues when it comes to playing together.
Finally, you must be the sort of player who wants to play with your fellow clan mates even when not involved in an 'official' clan match, if we see you online on BRINK you'll be getting an invite and, unless you have plans to play with other friends of course, we'd like you to accept and come play, at the end of the day we're trying to establish a friendly community of gamers that enjoy playing together whenever possible.

We're generally a relaxed group that will co-ordinate and work as a team, but also know how to have a laugh, videogames are meant to provide entertainment afterall and if the fun stops then why are we playing? If you're interested register to the site (Which is still a work-in-progress) and submit an application, you can also reply to this thread if you have any questions or alternatively drop
Strite or Menzeldinho a message on LIVE.

Look forward to hearing some interest



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more the clans more the funs?