Pachter up to lies again, titanfall 2!

Is this guy ever right?

Wrong agin bob, MS bought the rights to Titanfall forever. Plus Respawn said that Titanfall is too complicated and advanced for any other console besides X1, 360 and PC!


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I'd like to see proof of MS buying Titanfall forever....and where anyone said it was to complicated for the PS4.

It's common sense, mate...if the 360 can do it....oh's you Ostrich.  

Should've known it was more stupid ranting.

Ms bought the exclusivity of this titanfall not the franchise.

MS has not bought the rights, what they have done is have an exclusive deal on Titanfall (the first one now coming up). Meaning it will probably never come to another platform than the one it is being released on now.

With that said, if Respawn or who ever would own the rights then, would make a Titanfall 2, then MS would have to create an exclusive deal for that one aswell, otherwise they are free to make for any platform they want.

The reason Respawn has said that it's complicated to make for "another platform" is due to the fact that MS are letting them use their cloud computing servers for Titanfall, which does alot for the game for a low price. Respawn didn't have the money to buy all those servers themselves when setting up, and MS came back with an option.

Sony's playstation can get the Titanfall 2 if no exclusive deals are made AND the cloud service needed for the game get's backed.

1. Microsoft has not bought exclusivity of the Titanfall IP. Only the first entry.

2. Titanfall is not too complicated and advanced for the Playstation 3 or the Playstation 4. Both systems are more powerful than the Xbox 360, and if it can run it, both Playstations can.

i think TF is kinda comlicated for the ps4 simple reason and answer is AZURE dedicated servers. lets sat this TF was on ps4 aswell u can bet ya backside the xb1,360 and pc version would b azure and ps4 version would b P2P with no AI grunts

I bet within a month we'll hear that Ms has bought complete exclusivity for Titanfall.

If it matches up to the hype and sells as well as it's expected too I don't think there will be any doubt. They'd be daft not to.

Respawn has already said they didn't want the game to be exclusive to any platform.

And unless it's a huge deal and since the higher ups at MS don't even look at the xbox brand as a positive thing...I doubt they would give them the kind of cash they would need to make the next one exclusive.

And N7 is just talking to talk.

Clearly a troll topic.

I wouldn't be shocked if MS just bought them out, if Titanfall turns out to be a massive success like it's looking to be.

Side thought, how does this guy keep getting paid?

Let the first game release at the very least...

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