OXF June Gamescore Challenge

Title: OXF June GamerScore Challenge

Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

Duration: 21 days

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First off congrats to Sweenaldo 1985 on his win last month with a grand total of 3,385GS. well done to you sir


Now after the poor amount of updates last month and the amount of people who joined I thought i would take the reigns for this months challenge and hopfully get it back on track.Everyone is welcome to join and the main aim is to have fun and meet fellow minded gamers. You may have a pile of games waiting to be finished off or just want to see how you rank against other members of the XBL community gamerscore earned per month.



Now for the rules:

1) No gaining offline GS then plugging in your network adapter to gain a head start on people.

2) No complaining about what anyone else is playing nor the amount of hours they play.

3) Have Fun



Winner only earns bragging rights - but lets try make this the most successful challenge yet!

This challenge will start on the 1st June 2012 and will run for 21 days - So a week to sign up and to recruit your friends too.

Good luck to all that enter, and have fun!!


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What difference would take make to a challenge though?


After all you'll still be able to join the site with a Silver account and have it track your gamerscore/achievements, you just can't join challenges.


Even if the person was in the challenge with two tags, they'd still only be one person playing. Any time put into the Silver would take away from the person's Gold account.


Speaking of this. I'm not intending to renew my Gold when it runs out on the sixth of next month. Does this mean I will be automatically removed from the challenge?

Challenge update - 6/22/2012

The Gamerscore Challenge titled OXF June GamerScore Challenge has come to a
close, and a special congratulations goes out to the big winner, SaorsaBlack
. I would hate to be the person who finished second! A total gain of 9,125
points was enough for victory.

On the final day, the 30 challengers put up a total of 960 points. Nuttyleader added 305, FailedSeppuku added 140, SaorsaBlack added 120, ii n0 scope45 i added 120,         I greenman v2 I added 95, Shin Gatsurai added 60, FiDRoC added 55, The Sea Trout added 40, and voteDC added 25. There can be only one first place... but thanks goes out to the other 29 for being good rivals.

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Next months challenge will be up shortly

well your always welcome mate and cheers i love it too lol

Welcome back mate and best of luck

30 people signed up and still 48 hours left till registration closes

Challenge update - 6/20/2012

Here is where it's at: SaorsaBlack is out in front for the time being and didn't even need any points to stay there. All 30 participants combined, they put up a total gain of 1445 points. Nuttyleader added 530, ii n0 scope45 i added 375, Sweenaldo 1985 added 135, Alchemist Don added 90, TheZer0Element added 80, Shin Gatsurai added 60, bulletsalwayswn added 50, FailedSeppuku added 50, lewgiffard added 30, I greenman v2 I added 30, and Inapplicable added 15. The obvious superstar from yesterday is Nuttyleader. With that big of a gain, who knows what could happen next.

Everyone can take comfort in the fact that there are 2 days left to compete. It ain't over till it's over! That is all for today, check back tomorrow for more challenge action!

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What's this, two updates at once? Your iPhone isn't acting up is it West? [View:http://forums.xbox.com/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]

Challenge update - 6/13/2012

Lets look at the numbers from yesterday: SaorsaBlack is out in

front for the time being by tacking on 235 points. Overall, the 30 totalchallengers put up a total of 1990 points, so at least people are
competing! Inapplicable added 550, ii n0 scope45 i added 285, SaorsaBlack added 235, Nuttyleader added 210, Epic Louie added 130, I greenman v2 I added 100, Shin Gatsurai added 85, The Sea Trout added 65, surekill added 60, theboy83uk added 60, FailedSeppuku added 60, Alchemist Don added 50, wonderfulwest added 45, bulletsalwayswn added 40, and lewgiffard added 15. Inapplicable is definitely on the move with that score increase... you better be watching your backs...

Just remember, 9 days might sound like a lot of time, but it really isn't. That's it for today... time to go make the donuts.

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sounds good but yeah im in the same boat as you all the easy under 4 hours 1000gs have been used up though i have plenty of crappy disney games to play still

i have 5 games that are 1-5 hours for 1k.... but they need to be saved for the winter challenges. Theres usually a winter challenge with prizes, prizes mean you need to hit a few 1k days or you'll get nowhere near winning

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