So, I'm planning to buy an Xbox One (bro already has a PS4, but I want a next gen console for myself and getting the same system twice would be a little dumb, obviously). I recently got my parents' old Plasma (Philips 42PFP5332/10 if that matters), and considering how old that thing is (07/08-ish), the picture quality is generally excellent. There's one problem though, which you can probably guess from the title: It has overscan issues. 

This isn't a problem on 360 and Wii U. Despite being able to output 1080p, my TV's native res is 1280x768, which the 360 supports (among other PC-like resolutions). On Wii U, Nintendo issued a patch to adjust the screen size. PS3 and PS4 though have neither of these options (there is a display area setting on PS4, but that only moves certain elements of the picture; the overall image still appears zoomed in and cropped. Also, the settings aren't applied in-game) and it annoys the *** outta me.

I'm pretty sure that this is also true for the Xbox One. This probably won't keep me from buying one (ha), since I need something to play all the multiplats on (MGSV, Arkham Knight, Evil Within, etc.), but it's still a huge issue that could be solved ridiculously easily if Microsoft just CARED.

Now, two things:

1. Is there anything I can do? Is there some sort of device or cable that can solve this issue? (and no, my TV doesn't have a 1:1 pixel or "Just Scan" mode)

2. Would anyone here be willing to go on Twitter or something and politely request a solution to this problem? To make them issue a patch that adds either PC resolutions and/or a screen size adjustment option? Nintendo listened, and if enough people raise their voice, I'm sure Microsoft will, too.


(btw, I just posted this on gamefaqs, and it didn't take ten minutes for my thread to just drown beneath all the garbage, so... meh)


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