Overscan Adjust/Scaling Option

Dos the 360 have any settings to adjust for overscan? my tv has a overscan and some stuff gets cut off. I was hoping that the 360 had some setting to adjust the display area like some games give you the option


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no nothing like that on the xbox, but there should be an option on your tv to change the overscan, should be in with the picture size settings

Hi, I know this is an old thread but thought I'd offer a solution in case anyone else comes across it.

Go to Display settings and make sure Auto Detect is off.

Then if it's off or after reset go to HDTV settings and select 1920x1080, if there is no picture wait till it comes back and select 1360x768. Just keep going down till you find one that works.

It's a bit of a bummer some TV's out there have no option to disable the overscan. Also a bigger shame that a lot of TV's are sold as 1080p yet only have a 1366x768 native resolution.

However this solution should fix overscan issues if it can't be done through the TV.