Out with the old!

I was going to post this in another thread but didn't want to get of topic so I thought I would start fresh. I'm finding it really hard to get excited about news of older titles coming to X1. The recent news of gears of war has really made me notice this. Hey I understand a lot of people will get excited for this and I'm cool with that. I'm not trying to put crap on what people like or want. This is a totally personal thing. And while I am curious, I find it hard to get excited about old things. It's like halo. Now I loved halo but after a while it becomes "oh it's another Halo". The news doesn't excite me at all. Actually it doesn't surprise me either. It's totally expected there will be a new halo or battlefield or cod and now gears. I could name more but you get the point. It's starting to remind of the fifas and maddens and NBAs. I know it's not quite as often (well cod is) but seriously how many halos have there been. I am really hoping for some fresh blood and while I know there are some new things coming out like watchdogs, titanfall and the division, I feel that rehashing these older games takes away from the memory of what they were. I mean it's hard to remember that cod was once a great AAA game and now it's almost a joke every time one comes out. To me gears "was" a great game and still is. But if they start rehashing it, it will go down like all the other great games that have been over done. Remember it just my opinion. Feel free to leave yours!

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For the first time I agree with you.  As I just mentioned in another thread, some game series should know when to stop...have an epic ending and DONE.  Gears and Halo have been so well-received and marketable that they will probably make another appearance....and another......and another.  

Why would MS not continue with the franchises that help them build a successful console?

There will be new titles coming like Quantum Break & Sunset Overdrive.

Just like Sony is still doing Infamous and Uncharted but also doing the Order.

Or Nintendo who still do Mario & Zelda yet make new games like... Uh...

There is some new, some old and some extremely old games (Killer Instinct) out/coming out on Xbox One. Personally I don't see the problem. I've never liked Halo or Forza so they get ignored by me (sometimes I forget they exist till I see something on the net about them).


There will be other games to play. To ensure there will always be other games to play, make sure you support games that aren't Halo, Forza, COD, etc.

I understand the dollar value behind it all and like I said it's a personal thing. But I think rehashing a franchise over and over takes away from what the game was. It's not just games. It's really noticeable in tv and movies as well. Like I said. Cod was once a AAA Rated game that to most now has become stagnant. Not because it's crap. Just because it's been done too many times. And really, as much as I love playing battlefield 4, in reality it's just more battlefield. Actually personally I think that game is on it's way down as well. After Bad company 2 it just hasn't had quite the same appeal.  

I wouldn't say rehashing takes away from the game. It gives you too much of the game. You could also forgo buying the next one as well. For instance, I didn't buy Gears of War: Judgement. Not because I think its a crap game (it was pretty fun from what I played) but because I just didn't feel the need for another Gears at that point in time.

To true burst axe. Perhaps I am just bored of the old titles. But I also feel that game companies in general these days take a lot less risk than the used to. There were periods last year when the only thing coming out were sequels. No new IPs at all. Anyway I guess time will tell if these games can last or if they get relegated to being "Oh great another one" titles.

a billion people who bought Grand Theft Auto V says hi.  i know it's not on point with the next-gen topic but you get what i'm saying. there's nothing wrong with existing franchices continuing on.  i mean some need to be put to bed (COD) but others at least try to evolve and get better.


i think Gears on Xbox One is a great thing .. and any other franchise that they can continue to make great i'm all for it.

A billion huh? That's a lot. Maybe a touch of exaggeration but I do get your point. If done well and not to often they can be good. But it's just getting to often now. Like I said. I am curious about the new gears just not excited.

Not to worry Dufful. I have complete confidence that MS has got a grasp on making us all happy with plenty of games to come.  They have invested millions into the games development and continue to.  There is lots of new studios and new games in the works we haven't even heard of yet.

There are plenty of new  and old IP games coming,it's not like we got only old franchises coming on Xbox one....

Sunset Overdrive,Project Spark,Titanfall,Ryse,Quantum Break,Black tusk unknown IP,D4 and there are several unknow projects coming from Lionhead,Undead Labs ,343,ect....Add to this new IPs coming from third party devs and indies.....

The future doesn't seems that old.

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