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I`m having problems with two fellow players on xbox live. I made a survivors game room on resident evil 6 and was asked by the other players to remove one of the players because she enjoys killing off her team. I did remove her not knowing that when I did that she would right way start harassing me sending me messages calling me horrible names. she got her friend to do the same thing I blocked and reported her I thought she had gotten suspended but I dont think so she is following me in game rooms and then joining mine if I kick her it just gets the harassing started again. I did not join xbox to be treated like this!! the only thing I know to do is change my gamer tag and right now I do not have the money for that. I hope you can help thank you.


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You`re an ambassador,you should know the procedure.

I reported her and nothing was done

when did you report her?


did you send her messages after blocking her?

I reported her because she was calling me names and no I did not send her messages after I blocked her.

I`m not sure of the date I reported her it was a few days ago

when, not why.


Once a person is blocked they can no longer send you messages,so how does the "harassment" continue when you kick her from your game?


EDIT : it can take months for reports to be followed up.

ok I thought I had blocked her but I might not of done it right I`m new to all of this so im not sure how to do things im sorry about that.

OK she is blocked so I shouldn't have any more problems thank you so much for all your help!! I guess I didn't do it right but now I know once again thank you..

could she message me if we shared friends and I wasn't aware of that till today?

OK! this is what you can do. Well if you want to do more this just block, OR you can use this next time it happens.

You want to make sure you can record this for next time as it can help alot... if your being harassed all you can do is ignore whats going on, don't fight back or call names back or anything! stop what your doing and take screenshots of take your camera and try to get a clear shot of whats happening, take that to a report site or contact Xbox and THEY WILL pay attention, trust me. Get their gamer tag and write that down and give it to them, they will be put on their monitor list for some time and investigate, it takes time.... but if there caught doing something like this again they will be warned! or susspened.

In the mean time take some time to put yourself into a zone! heres how you do it!

To change your gamer zone, follow these steps:

Select Gamer Zone on the Edit Gamer Profile menu.

Select the Xbox LIVE gamer zone that you want from the following list of zones:





It will tell you what they mean, don't pick underground if you don't like being yelled at how hearing cussing, if xbox sees your reporting player while they and you are on underground, they won't take you seriously.. Go ahead and put yourself on Rec, or FAMILY are the safest channels, PRO if you really think you can take on other players and trash talk. nothing to serious though.

"WARNING! THIS WILL ALSO BE A FACTOR FOR MATCH MAKING!" If your finding pro to hard switch to REC, If you don't like playing with Rude people and punks dont play underground!

Remember the best thing you can do is not giving them a reason to Report YOU!


(also if you see people flting around or doing something in game thats not right... like not being able to be killed, LEAVE THE ROOM AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Xbox monitors will be on that faster then you can say anything and will PRMA ban anyone hacking and SUSSPEND anyone else in the room for just being there. be careful..

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