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If your looking for a fun group to join for the upcoming BF3 check us out. We are a great group who play BF:BC2 daily and looking to build up more for the release of BF3. We aren't a clan, more a group, and we have for fun matches with other clan/groups. With BF3 we can have platoon's and more. Several of us have already been playing BF3 Alpha, and we went to Gamefest last weekend to play the Beta! The beta releases soon, so if your interested in a fun group of 18+ gamers that like to work together in good squads rather then lone wolf it on COD, come check out www.oldskoolsyndicate.enjin.com and apply!! hope to see ya there


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Joined the OsS last November and haven't looked back since.  Always a welcoming atmosphere and a great laugh with good banter.  My game has gone through the roof since I joined and so I highly recommend the OsS to anyone who looks for some relaxed, fun gaming.  Don't think we're a push over though, we rock BC2 with the best and have blasted some really great teams and clans into oblivion.  Check us out at www.oldskoolsyndicate.enjin.com and be part of a growing team of gamers who kick @@@ with the best of em.  OsS Often Outnumbered NEVER Outgunned.

OsS is a great group and im glad that i joined when i did. I'm not the most confident person and thought that i would be left out as i was new to online gaming but everybody made me feel very welcome very quickly and also helped me with alot of things that i didnt know about. They are a great bunch of people and are know friends for life. If your looking for a group to enjoy gaming with and even make some new friends for life then this is the group to join.

I have been online gaming for years on the PC but switched to XBox MP gaming last november on MOH and BC2,I hooked up with OsS in february and haven't looked back since.Always welcoming,always up for a laugh,and always in the thick of the action.I have made some great friends and my game has improved massively,playing solo is not an option anymore.We aren't a clan,so none of the pompous strictness that involves,but we play regularly and give as good as we get.So if you want to improve your game,play with friends rather than random players,and kick some @@@ in the process look us up,you won't regret it.

OsS is all about having fun and since joining my gaming experience has been taken to a new level and ive made some great friends along the way. We started it initially so we had a tight group of gamers who we could play with regulary and i would say it  has been one of the best things we ever did as we've all become very close friends. We always welcome new members to our group. We dont consider ourselves a gaming clan just a group of likeminded gamers. If you wanna check us out then go to www.oldskoolsyndicate.enjin.com and check us out im sure you wont regret it. Put the smile back on your gameface..


BF3 is nealy upon us and we are still looking to recruit new members to our group. Wanna play with a friendly mature group of gamers then give us a look.



Wanna join a great bunch of older gamers for BF3 then give us a look..


We are seeking new members so if your an older gamer and want a regular bunch of gamers to squad up with then why not check us out. Feel free to go onto our webpage and have a look. You can apply on the website or send me a message on xbox live. We don't take ourselves too seriously although we have recently joined WGL and are now competing competitively so are looking to recruit new players. Generally we play mainly for fun and are on most nights and although recently entering the WGL we still consider ourselves to pretty laid back in our views to gaming. We have currently been running for over a year so are now looking to expand and grow.


Joined OsS back in the beginning of time this was my first "clan" and havent looked back,the banter is great and not much stress applied,im far from the greatest gamer but they seem to be ok with that (everyone needs canon fodder right?? ) great bunch of lads that im very glad im part of

Come join us on our server.. Search OsS :)