Optical Out with No Surround Sound

I have always heard that aftermarket headsets would work great for listening on an Xbox One but would have problems with chat until an adapter was made.  That is not close to being true as there is no surround sound using the optical out port from Xbox One.   I have tried all my Turtle Beach and can get no sound at all unless the xbox one is set to stereo only.

So they abandon Surround Sound and 3D.  That just sounds wrong.

Then just to hear TV in some sort of surround sound through stereo is some sort of Beta type thing that was added on last minute. 

People that can spend a thousand dollars on a gaming console including a few games and controllers probably have nice surround sound systems and or headphones.  People with multiple Xbox ones in house really need headphones to work.  Its like they forgot who they were selling to.


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It's going to be fixed, soon I hope in a system update.

I called support prior to writing hear and they knew nothing about it.  They said that optical out was only for stereo systems and not for headphones and hdmi is the best hookup.

How did you hear it would be fixed, and soon, LOL.  The soon part is what I am laughing abut because next fall could be soon for a Microsoft Update, at least to them anyways.  

I was shocked at the lack of PROPER surround support it is 2013 not 1913.

This is really poor on M$ side.. Software miss pure and simple...Albert Penello was quoted on NeoGaf..


Any news on a patch ?? I've had to hook my Fony (last gen) PS3  back up to watch in surround sound...

I was under the impression that there were no headphones on the market that currently work with the xbox one. I would like to add a set of headphones to my set up but im only intrested if I can get a set that works In  either 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Surround Sound over Optical works perfectly fine with the DTS setting through my receiver... Dolby Digital will be added in the near future as well.

Why would anybody need to use optical out unless they are using Turtle Beach Headphones as most receivers in the past 4 years offer HDMI inputs.  Headphones are a very, very important part of gaming and wow did Microsoft mess this up.  For anyone that owns the higher end Turtle Beach and have used them for awesome surround sound it is very frustrait8ing to fall back to stereo only.  

Yes, some receivers handle DTS just fine however headphones simply do not.  However I am pretty sure that most receivers that can handle DTS also have HDMI inputs so using the optical is a waste of time and effort.

Please add the Dolby Surround Sound to the Optical Out of Xbox One.

If your tv has an optical out you can connect that to your receiver optical in and get surround. Don't connect the Xbox one out to the receiver, use the tv optical instead, works great for me.

MS dropped the ball with a lot of features. They rushed this console out to keep pace with Sony and we all knew it. Reports about the Xbox One not being complete came out months ago. Us early adopters have to wait for the many updates to make the machine what it is supposed to be. Sucks but we decided to buy it knowing the issues.

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