Opinions Only From People Who Have Actually Played Xbox One

If you have had hands on experience with the Xbox One please let us all know your thoughts and feelings about what you've seen and played.

1 Where and when did you play it?

2 What games did you get to play?

3 Informed verdict on what you experienced.


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I got to play Xbox one at my local game store I also played ruse dr3 KI forza and I loved them all forza looked very good KI is was very smooth and fun ruse was very good looking and smooth and dr3 was lots of fun can not wait for my xbox and all games

KI runs at 720p, do you honestly expect it to have a poor frame rate do you.

I got to play at eurogamer expo. Played ghosts, forza, battlefield 4 and ryse. Loved the force feedback on the triggers but it was only working on forza which did look great. After playing the battlefield at eurogamer and having played the beta off the dash the difference is very noticeable, so much better on the xbone. Ryse I was a little disappointed with to be honest seemed like a lot of button bashing which would get boring very quickly, but it was only a co op gladiator style map that I played.

1. Area One Tour in Philadelphia.


2. Killer Instinct, Ryse, Crimson Dragoon, LocoCycle, Forza 5, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Dead Rising 3 and Kinect Sports: Rivals.


3. Some of these games are gonna be really fun to dump hours of our life into.

I know it's a arcade style game

Got to play it at digital nationz in Auckland, New Zealand a few weeks back. Had a go at forza, killer instinct and ryse.

Forza - big fan and wasn't disappointed. Silky smooth frame rate and great handling. Rumble triggers worked awesomely!!

Killer Instinct - they had this set up on a HUGE screen, couch, X1 and 2 controllers at the front of the area plus an additional room with 4 more machines. Brought back many great memories of the original and shot straight onto my day 1 list. Best thing was I didn't count any pixels and just enjoyed a great game. Crazy I know!!!!

Ryse - this was the co-op demo and was better than I expected. Looks phenomenal and plays just like a hack and slash game, which it is. I'm a fan of the god of war series and although Ryse is not as good it was still enjoyable. Not day 1 but probably a second round of purchases candidate.  

Anyone choosing either console has a heap to look forward too :-)

1. Chicago Area One Tour / test drives ( Six Flags Great America & Blooingdale, IL)

2. Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 and a few others 

3. Definitely worth the money i sink into it. 

there was a small amount of glitching on dead rising but the Xbox's were development kits but it was only one that i encountered of the 15 i went to. they promptly restarted the xbox and never happen again. i'm willing to bet it wasn't updated from the last update that went through. but yea still getting it and the wearing the Xbox one  shirt i won at the event for killing the most zombies in 10 min (game in second with 1,930 the other guy 1,935 was really close got stuck between a wall and a ambulance :( or i would have won)

1) Played it at the tour in my city.

2) DR3, Ryse, Forza, Killer Instinct, i think Max its called and zoo tycoon.

3) It is awesome, the controller is literally the best controller i have ever used EVER. The games run so smooth, and the gameplay on all the games is just fantastic. DR3 literally has thousands of zombies on the screen at once and still looks great. Ryse just looks amazing but also has a very addicting type of game style. Killer Instinct is probably the best fighting game ive played and runs amazingly smooth. Forza is just great, if you enjoy racing games it will definitely be something you will want, and it utilizes the vibrations in the triggers which feels great in the hand. Lastly the entire console is just great honestly it does everything very well and the games look fantastic. FPS is very smooth all the games play great i am ridiculously excited for Nov 22nd.

Hope i helped

Played it at the Philadelphia Area One Tour

Killer Instinct: Love it

Forza 5: Love it

Dead Rising 3: Looked great

Ryse: Better than I expected even though it was the Co-Op portion

LocoCycle: My son loves it

Kinect Sports Rivals: My son loves it

There were other indie and arcade games that I didn't try because I just couldn't get off of Killer Instinct and Forza.  I love the new Controller.

I hope they come up with a solution for Fanatec Wheel owners because I really want to get the system but if there is no support than I'm holding off on it.  Just got too much invested for it not to be utilized.  That being said, Xbox One is worthy of a day one purchase.

Its worth noting that the Killer Instinct builds didn't have Sadira in it (at least at the Area One Tour in Philadeplhia) so I would wager a lot of the other games are older builds too.

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