Opinions on immature gamers, cheaters and ways to deal with them.

I started playing Xbox 360 on my last tour in Afghanistan back in 2008. It has become a pretty regular thing since. The problem I have is the fact I can't seem to join a multiplayer game without some child talking or using vulgar language the entire time, kids using lag switches or somebody who can't seem to get the fact that some of us are new and have to learn the ins and outs before becoming proficient at a game. I recently experienced this with the new version of Counterstrike. It's funny how I'm the last guy left alive, yet groups choose to boot you from a lobby for just that reason (Mostly children).

My point is this: Has anybody else thought about proposing an all adult server for 18+ to eliminate at least some of these problems? Or am I just overreacting here? There are some of us out there that have other things to do besides play Xbox every waking moment, and just like to get on and have a good time. Complaints I'm sure, are reviewed, but what steps besides moderators in games are being done? I have filed complaints in the past, yet I still see the same cheaters on servers in the future. I just want to be able to relax, and not have to deal with talkative kids and cheaters no matter where I go.

Any thoughts from fellow gamers?


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Stop Playing CoD games. Problem solved. Activision has some real problems with fixing their games and preventing cheating.

Otherwise, all you can do is report and ignore the offenders and go on. Console Gamers have been dealing with trash talking kids since 2002.  I woud LOVE an 18 or older game servers, the problem with that, is there is no real age verification for consoles and computers, every kid you see playing thse games already have an account that says they are at least 18.

I`m a mature gamer (46 to be exact) and if I am in a multiplayer the first thing I tend to do is mute everyone who has their microphone on.

Also like myself, you could join one of the many mature gaming clans on XBL. The clan I am currently a member of has a minimum age restriction of 25. As we are all oldies, lol, we play purely for fun, no matter how good or bad you are.

Ignore them and play real games.

I appreciate the input. The clan idea sounds like the best I've heard so far. I try to stay away from COD. I'm waiting for this new Rainbow Six game to come out. From my experience with Vegas 2, kids generally stay off the server. Thanks again!