Open Tray after update

My drive was working perfectly before the update a while ago, (I don't use the 360 as much as I used to), the only disc that seems to want to work is GTA IV, even that takes about 6-10 attempts for it to register in the drive, and all the other discs, including GTA are in perfect condition.  

I also read that xbox support are refusing to acknowledge that the "open tray" issue is related to the update and unless you get the unique ‘disc unreadable’ or ‘disc unsupported’ error on the screen you're stuffed..... which I am, and as stated the drive was working fine before the update :(


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I have exactly the same problem!

Think I'm going to have to buy a slim!

Is that not the free coffee cup holder update?

some of the updates are for security reasons,they disable consoles that may have been tampered with in some way.

That update was well know for killing xbox's. My one was killed by it as well. I had to buy another in the end.

Just got a 250gb slim from Sainsburys for £159.99.

Yeah i have the same problem.  It happens on all games, cds and dvds

I need to keep something in my tray otherwise it wont open, i need to slam the top and press the button at the same time a couple of times before it wants to open the build of the 360 is atrocious.