One Update to support optical DD 7.1


I currently own an Astro A50 gaming headset and it's my understanding that the XBOX ONE only supports stereo through the optical support and not Dolby Digital but that it's been announced that Microsoft will correct this with an update to the ONE OS shortly after launch.  Can anyone provide an estimated time frame as to when this update will take place?


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According to Astro's website the a40's and a50's have the ability to process the stereo output from the Xbox one into 5.1 or 7.1.  I have the Astro a50's and they seem to be processing the signal to 5.1 like the astro website stated.  They also recommended to have the 7.1 button turned on.

And why the digital output through toslink was not done by launch astounds me, not everybody uses HDMI for sound MS...still waiting for digital output through toslink...lame.

I think is is safe to say that as soon as we see the TB adapters hit the market in March, we will see them for sale.  I would guess the DD 5.1 will be updated at the same time.  My question is why in the hell did MS go through the trouble in making a proprietary chat port??????????????

No official word. There was a post on NeoGaf from someone from MS basically saying Dolby 5.1 optical will be added and wasn't available at launch because of software scheduling. Shame this plus a chat adapter still aren't available. I hope around the time Turtle Beach launches their Xbox One specific headsets in February they will add this back in. Their sound processor was one thing MS was especially proud about for the One, but for anyone with a surround sound headset it's completely worthless right now.


Also just for accuracy Dolby Digital can't output 7.1 over optical only 5.1 because of bandwidth. Astro A50 base takes the 5.1 up samples it to Dolby 7.1 and then using Dolby Headphone takes the 7.1 and  down mixes it to stereo that headset actually uses. All according to the Dolby specs though so all the nice positional simulation is left in there. I own a pair of A50s and I have to say the for use with the Xbox One stereo output right now I turn off the Dolby mixing off on mine. Dolby has never sounded all that good up mixing stereo sources to surround sound.