One other note about consolebans

People seem to have a misconception that consolebans are given throughout the year.


Although it is possible in some extreme cases to get an individual console ban, most consolebans are done in bulk once or twice a year.

Of course MS is always free to change when they do bans, or to do them more or less often.  I am jsut going by what has happened in the past few years.


So the fact that you got banned today or yesterday does not mean that something you did recently is the reason for the ban.  It could be something you or someone else with access to the console did up to a year ago on that console or possibly even earlier than that.  Your console was quietly flagged possibly months ago for today's ban (it could have been something you did online or offline, it doesn't matter).  that flag is then acted upon when they do the official console bans once or twice a year.




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