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I post here in the hopes that someone from Microsoft might actually read something I've asked or said to them. Since this Sunday, I have sent 2 messages to 2 different members of the Xbox Support team and have received no message back. Now, looking at the thread showing their hours, that totals out to 24 hours of them being on the site, 48 hours if you combine it, and you're telling me neither saw my message? It seems to me to be much more likely that they are either ignoring the problem or possibly even don't care to actually answer my question. While the latter is doubtful, it is a possibility. At least send me a message confirming that you have received and read mine, don't leave me in the dark. Also, I would really enjoy it if MS stopped playing the blame game over my question instead of just helping me out.

To clarify, I am having problems with my Halo: Reach File Share, not Halo: Reach's Matchmaking, they are completely different, and it is not helpful to hear about how I can solve MM issues when I need help with File Share. I know what the problem is, and I just need help getting help, and yet I can't receive it on a section of the forums dedicated specifically to helping? In case someone helpful does actually read this, I hope a) that this isn't banworthy, as I really am just trying to get help, and b) you can help me with my gamertag issue. The problem is, MS recently applied a filter on the word "Nerd." I was not notified of this, and I really don't want to have to waste 10 dollars on a name change because MS thinks the word "Nerd" is inappropriate. So the one thing I ask is that I either get a voucher, 800 MS Points, or, at the very best, the filter removed. I really hope that changing a gamertag also works for changing the "Created By:" feature in Reach, as that is the reason I cannot upload what I want to the File Share.

MS: I am once again sorry if this is not to be spoken about here on the forums, but I really would like your help on something and I just can't seem to find it anywhere else, so please help me, or at least direct me to someone who will, and preferably someone who will help me soon. You guys really are a great company when you try to be, but sometimes it really does seem like Money is the only thing that matters to you and that, as long as you get paid, the community couldn't matter less. This really is my last hope for you guys as a company. I'm not going to leave, but I sure as heck won't be able to truthfully say that "I own a MS product," with pride anymore.


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As above posters said, 343i and Bungie manage File Share filters and other ingame content filters. Yes, they do follow Microsoft's guidelines, but they also add certain words as well. This has been discussed frequently on, and currently the only solution to fixing the name restriction problem is by changing your Gamertag, then reuploading the media file under your new name.

Say they banned the word Nerd huh? Seems a bit silly, but it's their company.  Post at this link! They will be able to help you! 343/bungie has ban the use of *NERD* So my guess you will need to change your GT or talk to 343/bungie support! MS has nothing to do with file share in halo!  just post on the forums they will be able to help you!

Just real quick but I'm not sure I understand part of what you're saying. You're saying that the word "nerd" does not work in your Motto but given it works for your Profile? If this is the case, that would be the MS side of your Profile. The Word-Filter is a little odd with Bio's/ Mottos. Just keep in mind the Word-Filter blocks words in and out of Context. Meaning the word "nerd" might not be all the Word-Filter is seeing.

If it's also interfering with your Halo File Share, well sorry but you will need to address that with 343/ Bungie. Just an fyi MS Employees don't "send" Messages to anyone in regards to a Reply from a Thread or questions in general. The Forums are for Discussion, not rules or absolutes
. In short, you will probably never receive any Messages in regards, other then what's on this Forum.

Okay, then. Now I'm getting somewhere. Thanks for the help, though I still am a bit confused with this. Even if I have not been able to set my gamertag as my motto, it still may not be MS's fault? Note this is not sarcasm or troll, I really am trying to figure this out. So my problem is not that my GT has been banned from XBL (which it hasn't), as the game says, but it is that 343i has filtered my gamertag (and others like it) from posting to their File Share or allowing any of their files to be recommended or uploaded to any File Share whatsoever. Basically, 343i has applied a filter without telling anyone, and there is no chance that I will be able to do anything about it without having a chat with 343i or paying for the GT change myself. Great.

However, if anyone from MS is reading this still, I would like to point out that I still have not received any message about this, and, quite frankly, that's ridiculous. I know you guys try hard over there, but it's hard for us users to find what you're actually accomplishing.

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For the love of god, again with the blame game. I have contacted them about the issue, they told me to contact MS. I know it is MS, as if I try to put the word "Nerd" in my Motto, it is not allowed. That means they applied a filter to that word, no?


Not necessarily, MS applies a Word Filter for the Profile and XBL (Bio/ Motto and such). A Game Developer is responsible for the Word Filter for In-Game Content. You are asking about Halo Reach File Share, that would be Bungie/ 343, not MS.

In short, if you're having difficulties via Halo Reach/ Halo 3 File Share, contact Bungie/ 343. MS has nothing to with Halo Reach/ Halo 3 File Share and the issue you stated above in your OP.

For the love of god, again with the blame game. I have contacted them about the issue, they told me to contact MS. I know it is MS, as if I try to put the word "Nerd" in my Motto, it is not allowed. That means they applied a filter to that word, no?

Game developers can apply their own filters to file shares and clan tags. More than likely it's 343/Bungie who are responsible. Try taking the issue to their forums see if anyone can shed some light on this.