One Guide TV Listing not available in Canada

Very disappointed with the lack of TV listing on One Guide in Canada. Nowhere this was said before and it was a premium feature that I was expecting.

Hope they get this done soon. I was really looking forward with the XBOX ONE as a multimedia center and main controller for everything.


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I completely agree. Up till launch there was no statement saying it did not work, then we had to figure it out for ourselves. Very disappointing indeed. Can we get a date Microsoft?

isn't this some form of false advertisement?

like there was no small print that even suggested that the TV feature would only work for the United States...

I asked the XBOX ONE Trucks crew when they were in Toronto, and they stated Microsoft said it would be there at launch, when I a non Microsoft employee knew that it wasn't going to be there at launch.  Microsoft couldn't even manage all of North America with the XBOX ONE Guide, all that tech useless because I still have to use my slow Rogers box guide.  As someone with a 12 year old Gamertag, I'm disappointed with the fact Microsoft wasn't able to get this feature in place since its just meta data...

yeah its not available in europe either its really annoying