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For the first time in many months I'm at a loss as to what game I should buy, so im here looking for recomendations. I've played most of this years this if releases, so I don't mind if its a smaller release or more obscure game. Only recomendations I've had so far is WWE13. Any ideas?

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If you like the idea of a "Turn-Based Strategy" game then I'd highly recommend XCOM Enemy Unknown.


It was so nice to get a game different from anything else on the Xbox, pretty good story, excellent Turn Based action, one of my favorite games this year.  ... Some reviews.



Shopto are advertising it for £24.85 at the moment, maybe find it even cheaper if you shop about.



Went shopping at Tesco yesterday and saw WWE 13 & Hitman Absolution  for £20. If you end up going for WWE 13, check your local Tesco for prices.

Trials Evo :)

WWE13 is a great game but you wont 1000gs it mate

Ofc I would if I really wanted too. However, putting fourty hours into a broken online is something I probably wouldn't want too. Id settle for the 91% completion provably and leave it at that. Ita quite rare that I don't go for the 1000, but I think of pass on the wwe one. Winning 800 odd online matches for an achievement seems a bit like overkill, especially considering the online is filled with unblockable attacks.

Not a particularly hard achievement for max rank, especially if you boost it, however, stupidly time consuming.

But I get your point.