On to xbox one number 3

Ok it seems the gaming god have decided to hate me this gen. Only had 2 rrd with the 360. But this gen i have had a dead kinect 2 xbox ones with disk drive that are faulty. Not very happy should have given me titan fall for the 3 advance replacemet. This lne died 11 days in so my advanced replacement is still open so we will see if the moved to specalist call me till tomarow like they said. Any one have any luck kn them actualy calling?


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Sorry bud at Some point it has to come down to Operator Error.

Check the space you leave your x1 in. It may be in a bad place.

Realy??? I have by box ina well ventaleted area where its open on all sides. The first box just acted like a disc was not put in the new one its the known griding error both are well known by suport as well as the kinet issue. So no not user error.

Ok then that solves that.

Where are you buying these Xbox's from?? Or getting Exchanged at? Always the same location?

Have you tried a different location?

If you have not you may want to inform the store manager that their Employee's may be mistreating the merchandise.

LOL the first was a day one edition came from game stop worked till 2 weeks ago then quit the new one was an advanced exchanged from ms. I put that in my post. :>

I stopped reading after your second sentence. The Odds.. But anyway let me suggest one thing too you. If this does not work then i say touché.

Go to your Local MS Physical Store and make sure to bring every little pice that came in your package and get an upfront exchange. You will get a new console.. Potentially a free game and have no more issues.

Don't have one here where I live sadly in Idaho. and there are not any in this state :<

I really wanted to know if any one has luck with the escalation team actually calling you when the guy on the phone says. I was told by tomorrow but we will see.