On a strict NAT...

Okay before you all slate me i have NO power whatsoever over my NAT type, im on a university network.  I have a VPN which helps me get peer-to-peer connections but the NAT will always be strict, its just how it is. Pretty much what it is im trying to play FIFA but i can only connect to a match (fine connecting to everything else, UT, EA servers, etc.) during certain times; the times i can connect are usually random, and pretty late at night, eg last night i couldnt connect at all, then at around 10pm i could connect to game after game until about 2:30am when i went off.  After i got up the next day I once again couldnt connect, and still cant at the moment (which is unusual).  Does anyone have any suggestions to how i can improve my P2P connection?

For reference i get 25mbps connection, with my xbox connected wirelessly to my laptop via a Connectify Hotspot, which then runs a Snowspire VPN for P2P connectivity and the laptop is connected via an ethernet cable to the University Network.  Is there a VPN software that works particularly well? Or is it just one of those things that is just luck of the draw?


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