On a Rail Minecraft achievement

I have built myself a huge loop round my map with a straight long enough to get the achievement. If anybody would like to get the achievement without the hassle of building a big enough track, just send me a message and I'll send you an invite. I'm on Minecraft most days/nights.


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I have all the achievements for Minecraft. Also have 4 spare saddles if people are having trouble finding them. Plus the stuff to make cakes.

The easiest way to get the pig saddle achievment is to build a 3 sided pen with fences on the 4th side dig a 10-15 block deep by 3 wide trench on the side of the top block place signs on the inside of the trench mobs (enemys and animals) see the sign as a block they can stand on now remove two blocks as a gate and try and push a pig into the pen. Once inside seal the gate with the fences again put the saddle on the pig and jump on eventually the pig will fall off the trench and die

Using seed "888" I think is good because it gives you a saddle in a open dungeon if I remember right.

I used fences rapidly to stop a pig running away,.

Then I build a big deep ditch all the way around the pig.

Stand next to the pig once you've put the saddle on it but with it still fenced in and save it so that if you mess it up you can just reload :)

same here need some tips

I need the saddle achievements any tips?

have you got the saddle for the pig achievement

I should add I have saves ready to make cakes, befriending wolves, and killing a pig by making it fall to its death