Oldgamerz 30+ Gaming Community (Come and make new friends)

Welcome to the Oldgamerz thread here on the shiney new Xbox forums! 


Hey there all, I thought I would mention our forum for mature gamers 30+ the site only went live 5 moths ago and already has just short of 200 members with over 15,000 posts, it was created for folk looking to join into games with people of there own age, we didn't  want this to be a big forum but as it has been so popular it pretty much grew overnight! However our ethos hasn't been lost and our emphasis has alway's been on making new friends with a mature but fun attitude!

We have plenty of gaming nights arranged with a plenty of games and gamers! We also have a couple of in house teams that have proved very popular indeed..


Now if this sounds like something you would like to be involved in then please feel free to join our site url: http://www.oldgamerz.co.uk/index.php

Good gaming and regards,

Paul and the rest of the Oldgamerz Conmmunity!


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Just to add, I would like to thank everyone that has joined and help to make the community the place that it is today! Thank you all... ;)


Yes folks we're a community of mature folks that love to game on the Xbox. So come on over and join in the fun and we'll put the kettle on for you.

It really is a great community, thank you Paul (and the rest of the staff).

Everyone is so welcoming and the banter is great!

I joined recently and it's really rather good. Especially good for old folk like me ;)

I am a member of this community and I am loving it there as it is really friendly and the banter is fun too

I'm a fairly new member to this site , I Can't recommend it enough.

If you are 30+ and want to play games with like minded people , as well a being a part of a warm and friendly community

What are you waiting for ? ...................

I can only echo what has already been said.  Ive been at OldGamerz a couple of months now and I can safely say I have never enjoyed gaming better elsewhere.

If you are over 30 and want a good craic with good gaming - you cannot go wrong at Oldgamerz.co.uk.

They're very pretty...

Very pretty. But, can they fight? :D

Hey there all.

Why don't you come down and visit us, pop in and say a big hello and get a great big warm welcome from the rest of us OldG folk.

We have a growing community involving a wide spectrum of games and interests.

We have game night's, leagues and special game nights where you may win a prize!!!

We don't take are self's to seriously and try to just enjoy are self's.

So please pop in say hi and enjoy gaming with like mined old folk....lol

Nice one folks it would be possible without you all!



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